Dive into Moodle & Totara functionality on one of our upcoming webinars


Moodle by eThink for Higher Education

April 18 @ 2:00pm Eastern Time

Join us on April 18th to learn how Moodle’s community-driven platform, combined with eThink’s tailored customer support and powerful integrations, provide a refreshingly simple and flexible solution to meet specific institutional needs.

During the session, discover:

  • Why Moodle is the world’s most widely used LMS… The advantages of open-source technology and the Moodle ecosystem
  • How you can utilize analytics, time-saving integrations (including real-time SIS integrations), and unlimited support to optimize processes within your institution.
  • How Moodle’s community-driven platform and integrations, combined with eThink’s tailored customer support and industry-leading service, provide the most robust and flexible solution in the market.

Cost-Effective Employee Training & Onboarding with Moodle or Totara

April 23 @ 2:00pm Eastern Time

Quickly bring new hires up to speed and keep employees learning with an LMS…

Corporations, hospitals, non-profits, and many other organizations are using learning platforms to meet professional development, compliance, onboarding, and other training needs. eThink’s total solutions provide a fully-managed eLearning experience that is highly customizable to meet specific company needs.

Join us on April 23 to discover how organizations are using the Moodle LMS and Totara LMS to better train, onboard, and connect employees.

During the session, discover:

  • Save countless hours in training (and re-training) your employees.
  • Track employee training with built-in analytics and reporting.
  • Provide a customizable platform to connect employees, encourage collaboration, and create a culture of learning in the workplace.
  • Provide a trajectory for continued professional development and aid in retaining and refining top talent.

eThink Partner Webinar ft. Course Merchant & Yet Analytics

April 25 @ 2:00pm Eastern Time

At eThink, we strive to highlight the newest, most useful eLearning services for our rapidly growing community of educators and trainers in the aim of providing them with the technology to make the most out of their learning platforms.
Join us for an eThink Partner Webinar to learn about the innovative technologies that Course Merchant & Yet Analytics offer that can enhance the eLearning experience.

During the session, we will explore:

  • How you can set up an online catalogue to sell training courses
  • How to use Single Sign On for instant LMS access to purchased courses
  • How you can unify access to formal and informal learning via an xAPI-powered Learning Experience Interface.