A Warm Welcome from eThink CEO Brian Carlson

By February 27, 2017 No Comments

We started eThink in 2008 to provide high-quality service to institutions looking to utilize the most widely used learning management system in the world – Moodle™. Since then, there have been many exciting changes in the Moodle™ landscape, but our commitment to high-quality service and our ability to provide it has never been stronger. In the last of several years, eThink has experienced rapid growth and has emerged as the leader in high-quality services for Moodle™.  In addition to providing the best enterprise level support for Moodle™ in the industry, we have established ourselves as one of the most vocal proponents for the advantages of open-source Moodle™.

Our goal this year is to further our advocacy of Moodle™ and to continue to help institutions understand how Moodle™ works and why it’s so widely used.  We are very excited to announce the launch of our new eThink Blog as a key part of that initiative. Our goal is to provide information that’s helpful both for our internal client base as well as others who are either already currently utilizing Moodle™ or those evaluating whether it might be the right fit for their institution’s learning goals.  Our blog will feature tips and Moodle™ best practices including best practices in online course design.  Furthermore, one of the reasons so many institutions choose Moodle™ is due to the ease which open source Moodle™ allows others companies to build modules and extensions that can be easily added or integrated into Moodle™.  Therefore, as part of our upcoming blog series, we also plan to feature guest bloggers from companies who have created these modules, products, and services that can help extend Moodle™ and enhance the learning experience.

In addition to this blog, we will continue to find additional ways we can educate the community on how Moodle™ works as well as its many advantages over closed-source solutions.  Over the past year, we’ve hosted more than 50 webinars – many being hosted by leading publications and associations.  There have been nearly 10,000 attendees to these webinars across the k-20 and corporate sectors.  Additionally, last year we started a Moodle™ by eThink Partner Webinar Series featuring several companies each session that integrate to or extend the use of Moodle™.

Our next partner webinar will feature three very exciting guests… Marlene Zentz and Aaron Page will speak about accessible design in Moodle™ and Mike Hruska from Problem Solutions will help users understand xAPI (TinCAN API) and its future potential as a powerful technology for Moodle™ users. These are two very exciting topics, relevant for many in the industry, conducted by leaders in their field, and we couldn’t be more excited to have them.  For those interested, this partner webinar will be March 28th at 2pm ET.

We will also continue to provide webinars on best practices in design and updates on new Moodle™ features.  The most recent release of Moodle™ v3.2 was packed with exciting new features, an improved mobile app, and a great new UI. We are excited to showcase many of these new features in a webinar on March 21st at 2pm ET.

As Moodle™ is an open-source and thus free platform, clients only pay for services, not licensing. Therefore, clients get the very best services at the best price point when compared to other options in the market because vendors like us must distinguish our services as exceptional in order to stay competitive.  This is what makes Moodle™ such an amazing option for our clients.  Part of our service is to act as a strategic partner for our clients and, as a part of that partnership, we do our best to keep our clients abreast of the latest trends impacting Moodle™ and their businesses.  This blog is an extension of that role.  Moving forward we have some very exciting content planned and even more exciting webinars coming your way.  Please don’t hesitate to provide any feedback on topics you would like to see covered in upcoming posts or any general feedback on items that we publish. Thank you for taking this journey with us!

Thanks and Happy Moodling,

Brian Carlson
CEO & Co-Founder