Amazon Web Services & eThink: What You Need to Know About Hosting Your LMS on the AWS Cloud

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Part of eThink’s solutions model includes providing hosting services for all of our Moodle™, Moodle™ Workplace, and Totara Learning Management System (LMS) clients. Through the flexibility of these open-source learning platforms, organizations and institutions can employ an LMS hosting partner like eThink in order to leverage an optimized environment and provide the best possible learning experience for constituents. eThink’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps provide eLearning managers with a secure, flexible, and scalable cloud hosting arrangement.

What is the AWS Cloud?

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a division of the eCommerce and technology giant Amazon that is focused specifically on cloud hosting. AWS cloud hosting services provide organizations the ability to configure applications and provision resources without having to actually own the hardware supporting them. Unsurprisingly, Amazon is the leading cloud hosting provider and are well known for hosting sites you use every day like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok (admit it, you secretly love that last one).


The AWS Cloud provides a full backbone of services for hosting, allowing providers who use the platform to easily meet customer demands of any scale. Historically, in the pre-cloud era, hosting was done on bare metal servers with limited capacity. Once you ran out of resources or storage on those bare metal servers, you were flat out. With AWS Cloud, you are able to scale horizontally allowing you to maximize uptime, storage, and resources to grow on the fly.  This way, if you hit capacity on a specific piece of hardware, you can add more power to it without requiring downtime. This ability to scale and grow your learning platform as your organization’s needs evolve is one of the things that makes cloud hosting with AWS so powerful.

Security & Global Reach

Another benefit to hosting on the AWS cloud is the wide variety of resources that can be used to meet the needs of a specific industry or location on a global scale. AWS has datacenters around the world. With AWS, eThink holds an Advanced Partner designation in the AWS Partner Network (APN), indicating we’ve been fully audited for best practices on the cloud, specifically around security.

eThink can quickly and easily spin up a site in London for a UK based business or a Canadian based site for clients in Canada, providing our team with the ability to host our clients in virtually any territory that they may require. eThink has access to resources around the world, allowing us to use AWS to provide the best possible performance both in the region the site is hosted in, but also other regions using AWS’s fiber network. AWS also has cutting edge, best of breed, data centers that have all the bells and whistles – biometric fingerprint readers, automated fire sensors, temperature-controlled rooms, non-descript buildings and so on – in order to safely and securely host limitless amounts of sensitive information and resources.

Compliance & Certifications

AWS is also the most audited cloud platform in the world. You name the certification, they have it.  Whether you need ISO-27001 or SOC2, eThink has it through our AWS hosting. And that also includes FedRAMP compliant hosting environments! In addition to most of their public cloud data centers being FedRAMP compliant, AWS offers what they call the “GovCloud”. GovCloud is fully FedRAMP compliant, but also 100% dedicated to government resources, ensuring the highest possible levels of compliance with government regulations and certifications such as CJIS, ITAR, EAR, and SRG.

Hosting Your LMS on the AWS Cloud with eThink

With AWS, eThink holds an Advanced Technology Partner designation, indicating we’ve been fully audited for best practices on the cloud, specifically around security. eThink’s AWS EDU Competency status represents a further level of auditing and security requirements focused on the needs of education users that our team has successfully completed.

Every member of eThink’s System Administration team holds at least 2 AWS certifications. AWS certifications require extensive study for a formal examination and in order to earn the certificate. eThink has Solution Architect, Security Specialty, and Dev Ops certified engineers.

eThink’s relationship with AWS allows us to offer secure, reliable LMS hosting solutions that can scale to meet the demands of our customers. In unprecedented situations or shifts in organizational structure (such as the outbreak of COVID-19), eThink can help organizations adapt quickly to increase capacity and meet end user demands. eThink looks forward to continuing to grow with AWS for many years to come.

For more information on the benefits of hosting your LMS with a certified AWS Cloud-Hosting Partner, contact eThink.

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By June 3, 2020