Here, There, Everywhere: eThink at ATD Tecknowledge, BETT Show, & Learning Technologies 2018

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The past couple of weeks, our team has been globetrotting to various eLearning conferences around the world including ATD Tecknowledge, the BETT Show, and Learning Technologies 2018 – and boy, have we been busy!

During the week of January 24th, we had team members attending two different conferences in time zones 8 hours apart, with ATD Techknowledge in San Jose, California and BETT Show in London, UK! The following week, our team was back in London for Learning Technologies 2018, one of the largest eLearning shows in the space and an incredible show overall. Here are some of the highlights from each!

San Jose, CA: ATD Techknowledge

Recently a couple of team members made the trek cross-country to San Jose, California for ATD Techknowledge. Our team had a great time learning about new trends in the industry, meeting with our amazing partners, seeing some familiar faces, and meeting new ones.

From our conversations with the attendees on the exhibit hall floor, one thing remains clear: the demand for an LMS for professional education is higher than ever.

Whether it is an organization who has never had an LMS, or one that has an LMS but is not happy with either a closed-source solution or a platform with limited functionality or support, the majority of the people we spoke with simply need more. That’s where open-source technologies come into play – a point we can’t hammer home enough – since open-source provides the most flexibility and encourages the highest level of support!

Another takeaway is the continued curiosity in xAPI and how it works within the learning ecosystem. Luckily for us, our fellow Baltimoreans and partner Yet Analytics were at the conference and available to help answer any xAPI-related questions.

All in all, we had some great conversations at ATD TK and want to send our thanks to everyone we met at the show, as well as the partners and clients we were able to catch up with during the event.

London: BETT Show & Learning Technologies 2018

The eThink team was in London for two weeks to attend the BETT Show and Learning Technologies 2018, two of the largest eLearning conferences across the pond. During our time in London, we had great conversation after great conversation with our partners and other companies in the space as well as attendees searching for eLearning solutions to meet their specific needs. But perhaps the most exciting highlight of our time in London was being able to represent Moodle alongside Moodle HQ!

Moodle HQ made a huge splash at Learning Technologies 2018. For the first time, Moodle exhibited at a conference – and boy was everyone at LT18 excited to stop by their booth to learn more about the world’s most widely used learning platform!

It was great working alongside Moodle to help educate the conference attendees on the advantages of open-source technologies, as well as how Moodle continues to thrive and survive in the market with the help of Moodle Partners like ourselves.

At the show, Moodle also highlighted the Moodle Mobile App, which provides offline functionality to ensure eLearning remains accessible for all learners across the globe. Gavin Henrick of Moodle HQ also gave a great presentation on Moodle Mobile and how to make the most of it.


As a Certified Moodle Partner, eThink is incredibly excited to see Moodle HQ begin attending the world’s leading eLearning and EdTech conferences to continue to educate the market on just how special the open-source platform is, and we look forward to working alongside HQ to spread their mission of empowering educators across the globe.

Overall, these conferences were packed with great conversations, great times, and exciting happenings to keep us looking to the future of eLearning.

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