Configurable Reports in Moodle™

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One of our strong suits at eThink is the sheer number of configurable reports that we have available for our clients. Over our ten years of business, eThink has saved every custom report that we have ever created and made these available to help our clients meet their reporting needs. And if we don’t have the specific report you need, we will create it for you to make sure you have the valuable data you need to make informed decisions regarding your eLearning programs.

Custom reports can be pulled from your Moodle™ installation using the Configurable Reports plugin. These reports contain Moodle™ data related to course usage and can be viewed on the screen, printed, and downloaded as an XLS file for further analysis.

Configurable Reports can be crafted to pull information on users, courses, activities, resources, logs and more.

When requesting a report, you might know the general type of report you want but are not sure exactly how to get that information. The first step is to ask yourself what your end goal is and what questions you would like that report to answer.

For example, you might want a basic report to monitor user activity. This may sound like a simple request but without any further information on the data you want or the goal you are trying to accomplish, this report could mean anything.

To help enable the eThink Team to build the report, we would need you to define what “activity” within the site or a course means to you. Do you want a report that tells you the daily number of users accessing the site and the number of activities and resources they are viewing? Do you want these results split up into the individual activities like number of quizzes, forums, assignments, files, links and pages (as illustrated below)?

Configurable Report Resource Use

Or are you looking for a report that lists all the courses, the teacher’s name, and the number of students, activities, and resources in that course?

Configurable Report Course Overview

Let’s go a step further now. Maybe you want a report that shows you the number of activities individual users accessed in a given course? From the info in this report, you would be able to single out users and get a general idea of their level of participation in different courses.

Configurable Report User Participation

When you get down to the details, these reports – although similar in nature – are very different. Therefore, it is always important to keep a specific goal in mind when creating a report.

Configurable reports provide you with valuable transparency into resource utilization, student participation, and much more. However, there are some limitations when it comes to what can be accomplished using Configurable Reports in Moodle™. For those clients whose needs may not be met with this plugin, our Moodle™ experts are always happy to recommend and integrate additional analytics and reporting products that may meet these specific reporting needs.

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Reports are incredibly valuable when analyzing your training programs and determining your most successful learning initiatives or courses, areas where learners excel or can improve, and much, much more. eThink can create custom configurable reports based on the information you find necessary to amplify your training efforts and ensure learner success. For more information on reporting and data collection in your LMS, check out these resources next:

To learn more about how eThink can help you meet your reporting and analytics needs in Moodle™, speak with our experts.

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By July 10, 2017