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mission statement

Anyone following eThink over the years has no doubt concluded that eThink is growing rapidly. We have grown to become the one of the largest Moodle and Totara partners in the world and the fastest growing in the US. We’ve also seen significant growth outside the US having become an official  Moodle partner in Canada, the Caribbean, and Nigeria.

Along the way eThink has developed the best customer support reputation in the industry! We regularly use phrases like “5-star service” to describe our support philosophy. As we have grown, this level of service and high-touch client interaction has continued to be a hallmark of our corporate values. If you’ve ever attended one of our client webinars, you know our clients agree that eThink support is the best out there! ­

As any company who experiences rapid growth knows, it is important to clearly define your mission and core values so that you may mindfully influence the company and its culture moving forward. We recently sat down and devoted time to redefining our values as well as developing a mission statement. In defining these values clearly, our goal is to position our entire team to provide even better service and support.

Our current culture, our values, and our mission have been created by the incredible members of the eThink team. An internal consensus of what our values are became very clear as we had this conversation internally.

Moving forward, the mission and values here at eThink will be used as the lenses through which we evaluate decisions for both our employees and clients.  Our hiring to date has been largely based on the cultural fit of each individual, and we will continue to hire largely based on culture as we build the best team in the industry.  Client service decisions such as new product offerings or will be made adhering to these values as well as our mission statement.

To that end, we wanted to share eThink’s mission statement and values so that you can better understand us as a company and what it means to be an eThink customer.

Mission Statement:

Extraordinary is our ordinary. Every day we are purposefully different, intentionally transparent, and obsessed with customer success!

(Come visit us at #eThinkLove on Twitter and you will see this is 100% true. Nothing makes us happier than happy clients!)


In terms of values, we had quite a few but we boiled it down to the Top 5 listed below…

  1. Clients as Partners – We are more than just an LMS provider, we are your partner in eLearning.
  2. Problem Solvers – With a team of the best and brightest, eThink brings a wealth of talents, skills, and knowledge to the table to effectively solve the challenges our clients face.
  3. High-Touch, High-Quality Support – From implementation to continued support, eThink is consistently attentive, prompt, and thorough. Simply, we are always there when you need us.
  4. Community/Family – Team and clients, we are one big happy eThink family. We understand the importance of working together to achieve our goals.
  5. Open Communication & Transparency – eThink cultivates strong relationships with our clients and team members through open lines of communication, honest feedback, and collaboration.

From making a hiring decision to evaluating a client problem or approaching a new prospect, every interaction by our team will be made with these values at our core. This isn’t new to eThink – we’ve always been a company with strong values and a focus on customer service – but by taking the time to collectively define them, we’ve taken the next step to ensuring these values stay at the heart of our strategy as we continue to grow!

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