eThink Takes On The U.S. Moodle Moot 2017 in Miami

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eThink has been traveling cross country for recent EdTech conferences such as DevLearn in Las Vegas, and EduCause in Philadelphia, and have finally arrived at the crowning jewel for our ‘conference season’ at the U.S. Moodle Moot 2017 in Miami!  eThink was able to spend time conversing with current clients (thanks to all of you who were able to attend!), rub elbows with the Moodle HQ team, and share information with the attendees via three eThink Education Moot presentations.

Moodle Moot Presentations by eThink

Forging a Path with Competency Based Education – Claire Machia and Courtney Bentley

Courtney and Claire gave an amazing presentation that delved into the practical (and self-proclaimed crazy) use cases of Competency Based Education (CBE).  The eThink Team was able to walk through the use cases of CBE that we generally see within K-12 schools to the evolving trends we see within the Corporate/Professional Education space.


Course Design That Works for Desktop, Responsive and Apps – Jeremy Schweitzer

Jeremy took the Moodle Moot attendees through the best practices for helping to create new courses that really shine within the Moodle Desktop and Mobile Apps.  From tips on how to help move away from third-party functionality that might not be fully functionable within the App through the use of core course tools, to best practices when creating engaging online material for mobile users, Jeremy was able to share quite a few points of consideration for the growing trend of mobile online learning.


Customizations for a Responsive and User-Friendly Moodle Theme – Todd Mathews

Todd walked down memory lane with ‘Themes of Moodle Past’, as his presentation focused on the progression of Moodle themes and how the new Moodle HQ Boost Theme can be customized to help get the most out of your Moodle site.  Todd also shared some of his favorite tips and online tools for theme customization that can help streamline the theme creation process.


Keynote Presentation from Chief Moodler Martin Dougiamas

Moodle Roadmap for the Future – Martin Dougiamas

Moodle Founder & CEO Martin Dougiamas kicked off the official start to the US Moodle Moot 2017 with an impassioned presentation outlining not only a roadmap for the future of Moodle, but also how online learning – and specifically an open-source product like Moodle – can help shape the way we see, interact, and learn with others on a global scale.


Moodle HQ and Partner Q&A

eThink Education’s Co-Founder and COO, Cheryl Patsavos, had to opportunity to speak with other Moodle Partners about the potential future for Moodle and where the experts envision the product going.  Cheryl was able to use over a decade of Moodle knowledge to help delve into some of the larger issues that clients experience in today’s Moodle environment.  Cheryl got to field a few questions from the Moot attendees as well and again showed off her EdTech expertise as topics quickly grew past Moodle itself and into the entire online learning world.


eThink Clients!

eThink was beyond excited to touch base with a few of our current clients!  We were able to catch up, learn with, and get to know some our clients on a more personal basis.  From Amy at EDSI captivating the Moot with her talk on the EDSI usage of Moodle, to catching up with Adam at Cochise College, the eThink Team had a blast connecting with our clients.

To all those eThink attendees, we had an absolute blast and hope to see you again at next year’s U.S. Moodle Moot.  And to all those who were unable to attend this year, we truly do hope you can join eThink and Moodle HQ in 2018 for next year’s U.S. Moot (more info to come soon!).

Check out some more photos from the U.S. Moodle Moot 2017 – Miami below!