eThink Education Becomes a Totara Partner

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Totara Partner

Big News!

This week we are excited to announce that eThink Education is now a certified Totara Partner, in addition to maintaining our much-loved Moodle partnership.

Totara is an open-source LMS focused specifically toward corporate user needs. Over 8.5 million users use it worldwide. Totara is based on Moodle, with some additions and changes to accommodate the unique needs of the corporate market. For that reason, it was the perfect product for the Moodle experts here at eThink to add to our solution set.

Why Totara

At eThink our goal is always to offer our prospects and clients world-class service for the best possible solutions available to meet their needs – best of breed, as we like to say. This is the case with Moodle, where we have the ability to plug in a wide assortment of plugins, modules, and blocks – thereby making each Moodle site a unique combination of tools that exclusively meets the needs of each client. In the same way, Totara will allow us to align our solution better with some of the needs of corporate clients, while staying true to the Moodle base.

Totara also maintains our commitment to open source. Open source provides you with freedom – the freedom to customize software to meet the needs of your business, and the freedom to demand the absolute best from your vendor of choice. eThink’s support services are the best in the industry, and we stand by that commitment by making sure all our customers are aware that if they are not completely happy with our services, they can take their entire site to another Moodle or Totara vendor – an option you never get with a closed source provider. The good news is we’ve yet to lose a customer to another Moodle provider, so you can be certain our services and support are nothing short of 5 stars!

You might be wondering… If Totara is based on Moodle, how come their names are so different? What is a Totara anyway? The Totara tree is native to New Zealand and has long been known for its diverse qualities and uses. The Totara tree possesses flexibility, strength, and durability – properties which the product itself emulates.

Totara has built upon the base of Moodle by adding in features that are of particular importance to corporate users, including the ability to assign personal and company training goals to staff and monitor staff development progress. Totara also has an HR module where users can manage job assignments, organizational trees, and build in mandatory certification and compliance training requirements.

Both Totara and Moodle are great fits for organizations looking to do employee onboarding, continued training, regulatory certifications, and succession planning. There are easy tools for managers to monitor employees progress toward key learning objectives. External training and certifications to customers, contractors, and resellers provided via Totara or Moodle is extremely effective because of the online and hybrid delivery options, reducing the costs of facilitating these sessions.

Here at eThink we view the addition of Totara to our product base as another important step in ensuring we offer a best-of-breed solution to any customer that comes to us seeking services. Being a certified Totara partner will help us meet the needs of those in the non-profit, government, and corporate sectors – all markets in which LMS usage is growing exponentially! We are official Totara partners in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and Africa and we look forward to providing services in all of these regions.

Cheryl Patsavos
Co-Founder & COO

Interested in learning more?

Read the official partnership announcement here or reach out to an eThink expert at

Also, look out for eThink at DevLearn Conference & Expo this coming October! Stop by booth 604 (in the Totara Village) to discuss eLearning best practices, recent eThink happenings, and more.

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