Identifying Your Best Instructors and Looking for Risk in Your Courses

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Risk in Courses

This blog post is authored by Kimberley Munzo, President & CEO of AspirEDU, provider of data-driven retention solutions including Dropout Detective and Instructor Insight.

Data is king

Have you noticed that you’ve been deluged by requests for customer service surveys after you buy something?  Or that your bank is constantly pushing out new offers to you based on your spending habits?  Those are examples of companies that are analyzing data that can be used to better serve their customers.

Schools are now beginning to understand that they have mountains of data available in their learning management system.  Every time students submit assignments in Moodle™ or instructors respond to discussion posts, they are leaving a digital trail of breadcrumbs that can help schools to better serve their students.

The key question is:  How can schools take that data and make it easy to use?  There are two ways to do this.  Schools can hire IT professionals and programmers to take raw data and build their own analytics, or they can look for companies that have already built the analytics and deliver a more cost-effective, plug-and-play solution.

Instructor Insight

AspirEDU, Inc., has built a solution called Instructor Insight.  It integrates with Moodle™, retrieves data every night on a targeted set of courses and delivers metrics about the engagement and performance of instructors in their courses.  Instructor Insight creates dashboards of information that can be used by administrators, deans, program chairs, department heads and instructors.  These dashboards are interactive tools that allow school users to easily identify their best instructors, instructors that could benefit from coaching, and courses with a high percentage of at-risk students.

Instructor Insight was built by a former Director of Online Education because she needed a data-driven way to ensure that students were getting the benefit of highly engaged faculty.  She also needed to be more efficient in completing periodic instructor evaluations.  Instructor Insight reduces the time it takes for those evaluations from hours to minutes.

Important benefits to schools include:

  • Easy-to-read dashboard that is updated daily and provides important engagement metrics.
  • Ability to create email alerts to identify when instructors are falling short of meeting specified criteria.
  • An archive that allows schools to go back in time to review statistics in the past.
  • Centralized place where notes can be made by administrator about instructors. Those notes belong to the instructor’s record and can easily be printed out for evaluations.
  • Detailed metrics at the course level that are charted against peer average.
  • Ability to give course-level analytics (with peer averages) to the instructor of that course.

Each school will certainly have to make a decision about whether this data analysis is an appropriate fit for the culture of the school.  But any administrator who has had to make decisions about hiring adjunct instructors or who struggles to make sure that online students are getting the appropriate attention will appreciate having good data in an easy-to-use format.

In the end, good data helps schools to deliver a better experience to students and to help more students graduate.  Instructor Insight is one of those tools can help improve the overall academic experience for administrators, instructors and students.

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