Increasing Digital Classroom Engagement: Is the Learner’s Voice Missing from Your LMS?

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The advent of virtual learning environments (VLEs) have revolutionized the way education is delivered and received. From K-12 to higher education, from non-profit to corporate, no sector of education has been untouched by the advances in online learning. Champions of this new mode of delivery and consumption have touted incredible gains in efficiency and reach. While it’s true that benefits such as automatic tracking and assessment and the ability to reach learners anywhere, anytime through mobile applications have been transformational, attention is increasingly turning toward what might be lost when learning is shifted to a digital platform, like a Learning Management System (LMS), and classroom engagement is limited. 

What happens to the quality of education when real-time interactions in a shared physical space are replaced with asynchronous encounters on forums and message boards? Educators across the spectrum are actively looking for ways to create more impactful interactions in virtual learning environments.  

While video content can bring the voice and presence of the instructor to the learning experience, can the same be said of the learners? How are motivation and outcomes affected when their contributions are limited by the inputs supported by the platform?   

Creating a Culture of Engagement for Digital Learners 

It’s important that online learners get the same opportunities as those in traditional classroom environments to co-create the educational experience. Perhaps the most effective way of doing this is with audio and video recording plugins. Several virtual learning platforms offer native audio and video recording capabilities, and there is an ever-increasing range of 3rd party offerings both commercial and free. Most of these take the form of audio and video assignment submissions. These are valuable additions to any virtual learning environment, and there are plenty of interesting use cases, from demonstrating competency in sign language to providing evidence of skills for certification in the trades.   

Some of the more versatile audio and video recording plugins allow learners to record almost anywhere in the virtual learning environment, including quizzes and forums. These can be particularly powerful because they enable interactions that more closely resemble those of a traditional classroom environment. Imagine the difference for learners where simple text messages in a forum have been replaced by audio and video content from their peers! 

Giving Learners a Voice with the Right LMS Tools 

Teachers and LMS administrators must continually search for the best tools to ensure that engagement in online learning remains high. The grim statistics available about the completion rates of Massive Open Online Courses (currently averaging about 15%) should serve as a warning that efficiency and ease of access alone do not guarantee positive outcomes for the learners. The opportunity to make their voices heard and to hear the voices of others is an essential aspect of learning which online educators neglect at their own risk.  

In order to create an active education program where learners can provide more authentic and interactive contributions to course forums, quizzes, or other activities, your eLearning platform needs to include high-quality and user-friendly audio and video recording solution. With the ability to upload answers and feedback effortlesslyyou can create a more collaborative, engaging, and impactful experience between learners and instructors. 

eThink can advise on the industry’s top audio and video recording tools and plugins available for use in your LMS, such as Poodll.   

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