Best of Learning Tech 2019: Moodle Workplace, Certified Partner in the UK & New Product Offerings

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Learning Technologies 2019

eThink Education attended Learning Technologies 2019 in London last week alongside Moodle HQ & Totara HQ. During Europe’s largest showcase for workplace learning and the technology used to support it, our team continued to observe the growing trend of companies looking for a flexible and open learning platform to support their eLearning initiatives.

This trend was further backed by Moodle HQ launching a new product at Learning Technologies to great fanfare and high expectations.

Moodle Workplace

The team at eThink has been eagerly awaiting the launch of Moodle Workplace, which is “the best of Moodle fine-tuned for organizational learning,” meaning that the most widely used LMS in the world now has a unique offering designed specifically for the learning needs of the modern workforce.

Of course, Moodle has long been utilized in the world of corporate learning. For many years, Moodle Admins and Moodle Partners have configured the core Moodle solution to meet learning and development objectives. In comparison to the legacy closed-source solutions on the market, the flexibility and low cost of running Moodle have always proven powerful for organizations looking to onboard new employees, provide professional development, issue certifications and badges, and train users such as clients who extend past their enterprises.

Our Support Team and other Moodle Partners have been working closely with HQ to share how our clients are using Moodle in the workplace, and give feedback on the features and functionality that Moodle Workplace should include to help Moodlers meet their professional education objectives.

Moodle Workplace will be available through a select group of Premium Moodle Partners who can start providing Moodle Workplace to the market immediately, while other Partners will be able to provide services in the third quarter of the year.

The Trend Toward Open Source

Additionally, on the topic of using open technology in the workplace, eThink CEO Brian Carlson and VP of Sales Randy Jones gave a presentation on “Understanding the Open eLearning Ecosystem with Moodle & Totara.”

During their session, they explored why consumers should pay attention to the technology that their learning platforms use – open vs. closed source – and how open technologies can support a best-of-breed and future-proof eLearning ecosystem.

While on stage, we were also able to share some of our own big news to add to the Moodle buzz.

eThink Education is now a Certified Moodle Partner in the UK

On the heels of another record year and eThink being named Totara’s Global Partner of the Year, we’re keeping up the momentum by becoming a Certified Moodle Partner in the UK! eThink has long seen success in Europe, and we look forward to making a more strategic effort to win and support Moodle clients in the United Kingdom and surrounding areas by opening an office in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood and hiring local talent.

”eThink is excited to officially become a Moodle Partner in the United Kingdom,” said Brian Carlson, CEO & Co-Founder of eThink Education. “With the launch of our UK office, we look forward to contributing to Moodle’s global impact and helping educators in the territory take advantage of Moodle’s powerful open-source technology by providing a fully-managed hosting solution that makes it easy to make the most out of Moodle.”

eThink’s New Product Offerings

Additionally, we’ve also announced two new product offerings of our own – so three in total, counting Moodle Workplace! These new products include:

eThink Academy

eThink Education has launched the eThink Academy, an expansion of our Moodle and Totara training offerings that are available to eThink clients as well as the general public. The eThink Academy allows any eLearning manager, L&D professional, or LMS administrator – regardless of their current eLearning provider – to purchase and utilize eLearning training in order to maximize the functionality, design, and effectiveness of their LMS. These training courses include workshops, short-form courses, and custom training packages (or professional development days) that are led by the eThink Support Team.

eThink Content Program

eThink has continued to see a need for custom and off-the-shelf content. However, with the numerous content options in the market, finding the right fit can seem overwhelming. Through eThink’s content program, we make finding the right content easy by offering a variety of content solutions that have been pre-vetted by our team and are available through our trusted partner network.

With the ability to offer our clients a one-stop shop for the LMS and its learning content, we hope to provide more value to our clients and make it easy to find content that achieves the same high quality that our clients have come to know and expect from eThink.

All said and done, Learning Technologies 2019 was one for the books! Miss us at the show? Let’s chat!