LMS Fixer Upper: How eThink Helps Design Your Dream Open-Source LMS

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Open-Source LMS

Who doesn’t love a good house flipping show? There’s just something about the process of taking something dilapidated and transforming it into a modern masterpiece that we can’t help but watch in wonder.

Here at eThink, we are no different. While we aren’t all Fixer Upper junkies (some of us have poor taste in TV), we all love a good transformation tale… An open-source LMS transformation tale, that is!

How Does an Open-Source LMS Help Your Organization Deliver Better Training Programs?

Open source platforms denote freely available, highly flexible and interoperable software. This allows you to configure your LMS with specific features and functionality that create an optimal learning experience within your institution or organization. Further, open source can continuously be changed or expanded upon, ensuring the most up-to-date, future-proof solution. With an LMS that evolves with your organization as you scale and grow, you’re able to more effectively meet the needs of every team member and support their growth and expansion throughout the entirety of the employee lifecycle. You can learn more about leveraging the power of open source for a best-of-breed eLearning strategy.

Open source technology, while incredibly powerful and flexible, can be challenging to manage and leverage. Not all organizations possess the bandwidth or expertise to create their ideal solution that includes the right tools and functionality to ensure  a dynamic and engaging training program. Fortunately, that’s where a hosting partner like eThink comes in.

Step 1: Identify Your LMS Wish List

It starts with the sales team. Think of us as the impossibly optimistic Joanna Gaines. We listen to everything your little heart desires, then narrow you down to a list of “must-haves” and “would-like-to-haves.”

While prospective home buyers may be eyeing a safer neighborhood, better schools, or a lush yard for their kids and dogs, eThink clients are usually concerned with a modern user-friendly interface, tools to manage the wide range of course types they want to offer, robust reporting, and having a smart support team to back them up.

Step 2: Get to Work

Our services team is the lovable yet realistic Chip Gaines. They appreciate your enthusiasm and are ready to build your dream open-source LMS home!  They don’t usually show up wielding sledgehammers and crashing through walls, but they do enjoy a good demo day. Tearing down old themes, ripping up existing course category structures, and exposing old ways of doing things clears the way to build a more functional space.  

Just as Chip loves Jo both for and in spite of her over-ambition, the process isn’t always without some disappointment.  We do sometimes hit a load-bearing wall, a busted foundation, or a rotting roof along the way. But just as Jo picks up the phone, breaks the bad news, and talks through the options, the eThink team recommends the best way forward.  And in the end, any compromises required are usually forgotten by reveal day.

Step 3: The Big Reveal

An open-source LMS is a lot like a fixer-upper. It’s not cookie cutter and ready to go; it takes some love and elbow grease, but in the end, it’s a reflection of you. It is unique and configured to meet your needs. It has everything that you need because you helped to design it. It may not have sconces and shiplap, but when panels pull back and your users start logging in, it certainly feels like that “welcome home.”  

So, if you love a good fixer upper, we’re your people!

Want to learn more about eThink’s LMS “Fixer Uppers”? Join us for a live webinar to discuss the latest eLearning trends, tools, and strategies with eThink experts!