Making the Most of Moodle™ Mobile

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The Surge in Mobile LMS Usage

Did you know that 70% of the global internet traffic is coming from mobile devices? With this level of mobile device traffic, it is imperative to optimize your Moodle™ instance for mobile. How might you do that? We’re glad you asked! Read on for eThink’s personal recommendations.

Let’s first think about your Moodle™ instance in general. Users can access your Moodle™ site through both their mobile device’s native web browser and through the Moodle™ Mobile app.

Using the web browser, the instructors and students are able to retain full site functionality while using a ‘responsive’ theme that allows for a comfortable look and feel on any mobile device (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, or computer).

The Moodle™ Mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices, supports 100% of the Moodle™ core features from messaging, to submitting assignments, taking course notes and doing quizzes. officially maintains these apps, so there should be no compliance issues with future upgrades as experienced by unofficial apps in the past. To incorporate the use of the Moodle™ Mobile app, Web Services must be enabled on your site.

Moodle™ mobile phone         Moodle™ mobile tablet

The innovative features in Moodle™ Mobile App can be used to create mobile-friendly courses, allowing learners to engage better with their mobile learning through an emphasis on greater collaboration, better experience and enhanced accessibility. Let’s look at some considerations for mobile-friendly course design.

Designing for Mobile

How do we create robust content while also factoring in the realities of mobile learning? We suggest you get creative in pairing Moodle™ functionalities with the wants and needs of today’s learner.

Specifically, consider the use of communicative and collaborative course options to reach your audience.  Numerous studies show that student-to-student interaction is imperative to building community in an online environment. Creating Moodle™ forums, chats, wiki pages, and glossaries within your course puts your learners behind the wheel of their own learning and supports a collaborative learning environment.

Mobile learning happens in micro-moments as users can be interrupted when using a mobile device. Consider utilizing Moodle™’s core features like the page or book activity so as to allow students to “chunk” their learning, biting off only what they can chew in the moment. Take full advantage of images and media to reach various types of learners.

Lastly, consider alternatives to traditional assessments. The choice activity is great for class polls, which also encourage a collaborative learning environment.  Perhaps you can use quizzes as just as a check for understanding and an opportunity to lead students to further exploration of content they’ve not yet mastered.  Mobile devices are perfect for evidence gathering and submission – think of ways your students could submit photos, audio, or video to support their learning.  Learning can happen anywhere so be creative!

Moodle™ Mobile Branded App

The branded Moodle™ Mobile app is a hassle-free solution for institutions and workplaces that use Moodle™ to have their courses available to their learners on a mobile app with their own branding. And it’s easy! To get a branded Moodle™ Mobile app, you can reach out to a Moodle™ provider (like eThink!) who can get you set up with an app that puts your company front and center!

Moodle™ custom mobile branded app

Making it Work for You

The best way to identify whether your course is suited for mobile users is to test it yourself by viewing it on a mobile device. Put yourself in the student’s position – will what you’ve designed help or hinder your learner?  Improvements to Moodle™ Mobile allow for dynamic mobile learning, and let’s face it – mobile devices are the backbone of daily media use. Let’s tap into this!

Lastly, if you are running an older version of Moodle™, the new mobile functionality is a strong incentive to upgrade as it has improved greatly in the latest versions! Interested in learning more about Moodle™ Mobile? Request a demo.

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By November 28, 2017