A Recipe for Modern Learning: Ingredients for a Deliciously Effective Learning Ecosystem

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Modern learning

This guest blog post is written by Edcast, an AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud for Unified Discovery, Knowledge Management and Personalized Learning.

A Recipe for Modern Learning

We are deep into the learning revolution. Employees want and need a new approach for accessing information, gaining knowledge, and building skills. Thankfully, there are numerous options in today’s ever-evolving learning landscape, enabling one to pull together the right ingredients to create a “deliciously” effective learning ecosystem.

Modern learners want ingredients such as self-directed paths, timely answers, a variety of choices, and a consumer-focused user experience. They expect the same experience at work and at home: an easy-to-use and personalized digital learning solution that gives learners what they need just when they need it.

So what are the essential ingredients for today’s most effective learning ecosystems?

Viva la revolution! Long live the new learning ecosystem.

So, what does this mean to those of us in Talent Development? Well, no getting around it, part of it means investing in new technology, usually a mix of a few components. What is the right recipe for your organization?

Here is a shopping list:

  • A Learning Management System. Yes, the LMS is very much NOT dead. Although it still remains the central hub for learning, it is no longer the only place where learning happens. With the LMS, the focus here is formal learning.
  • A Learning Experience Platform. If you are not looking at an LXP, it is time to start. With the LXP, it is all about the user experience (Ux).
  • Content: With the explosion of content options in the learning marketplace, you’re able to select content from a plethora of content providers that fit your needs. Mix and match subscriptions
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME), Industry Leaders, and L&D contributors. Bringing in subject experts for additional thought leadership provides another level of engagement for learners that is incredibly effective.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bake it all together and present the right experience at the right time.

Blend it all together and you’re able to present the best solution to your employees.

Now, you may be wondering: what are the right types of ingredients to add to that mix? Who are the vendors that you should look at?

Honestly, it depends on your company needs, but let’s start with a set of key components:

  • Moodle™ or Totara for the LMS. Choosing an LMS that is open source allows you to have maximum flexibility when structuring the rest of your learning ecosystem.
  • EdCast for the LxP. Be sure to choose an LxP with a great Ux and powerful AI that aggregates and curates content to provide a personalized experience for users.
  • Go1 as one of the first content subscriptions. Go1 aggregates content, provides custom choices, and is priced right. But there are also lots of other great choices for content. Depending on your specific needs, you can consider LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Udacity, GetAbstract,, O’Reilly and many more.

When structuring your learning ecosystem, think about having a front door to learning. You want to make it easy for users/employees to find learning content including courses from the LMS, courses from third party subscriptions, articles from trusted sources like Harvard Business Review or technical journals, informal learning like SME blogs or leader livestreams, videos from YouTube, and much more.

With an integrated LMS and LxP, you can aggregate and curate content from internal, external, formal, and informal sources then rely upon Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to personalize that content for each learner.

Here’s how EdCast does it:

Add in content from subject matter experts, industry leaders, and influencers. These “learning influencers” pull people in and create engagement as we have never seen.

Learners can also take advantage of self-directed learning to find answers, build a skill, or engage in social learning exactly when, where, and how they need it all within an attractive, easy-to-use interface that consumers expect and want.

This recipe works best when you team with “master chefs” who know how to blend, customize, and deliver a unique solution to meet your specific company needs. That’s where partnering with eThink and other service-focused vendors like EdCast comes in. We provide the expertise to combine all of these ingredients together to make a deliciously effective eLearning ecosystem.

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