Moodle 3.5: Here’s Looking at You!

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Here at eThink we take a close look at each new version of Moodle – reviewing the accompanying features, experimenting with the latest tools, and evaluating what might spark interest or questions from our clients. Moodle 3.5 includes a list of new features and fixes for the Moodle community to utilize and enjoy, including improvements surrounding usability, accessibility, and GDPR compliance. Here are some of the biggest improvements…


Besides the fact that GDPR settings are now a part of core Moodle, the primary GDPR changes in Moodle 3.5 revolve around supporting the right for your users to be informed about how their data will be used, providing access to said data, and the ability for users to request that their data be erased.

Moodle added a new section to the Site administration menu called “Privacy and Policies” which contains most of this functionality.  From here you can set a wide range of options, such as whether you want to do age verification prior to account creation, create policies and set based on user type, and review who or hasn’t agreed to your policies.

Moodle 3.5 GDPR

Recording Audio & Video in Atto

A new feature that users can take advantage of within Moodle 3.5 is the “recordrtc” button in the Atto text editor.  This button offers users the ability to create and share audio and video content without the need for external products or plugins.  This feature is easy to use, requiring very little learning curve, and allows for varied content creation.  Use “recordrtc” to tap into additional learning styles by pairing your recording alongside written text – all directly from your core Moodle tools!

You’ll find this feature by identifying the following buttons in your Atto text editor:

New Atto Text Editor Buttons Moodle 3.5

It’s important to note that there is a default recording limit of 2 minutes. 

Making More of Mobile

The last feature we want to highlight from Moodle 3.5 relates to the new look and feel of mobile.  The first thing you’ll notice about Mobile version 3.5.1 is that course images will display when you log into the app and access your site.  Within their Course Summary Files section, instructors can add personalized images; if this space is left blank, Moodle will provide designs of various colors and patterns instead.

moodle mobile 3.5          moodle mobile 3.5

You’ll notice you can also jump to different sections of the course, which allows for quick navigation just like you have when accessing Moodle through a browser.  Within any course on the app, you’ll see a drop-down menu icon alongside the course name, as seen below.  If you click to select this icon, you’ll see a menu of options appear and you can quickly select a section to jump to.

moodle mobile 3.5          moodle mobile 3.5

Moodle HQ has put a focus on the mobile app, determined to make content more accessible to learners despite geographic location and available bandwidth.  We anticipate seeing more enhancements in mobile with each coming version of Moodle.

While not an exhaustive list of what’s new in Moodle 3.5, these highlights showcase some of the more important changes (as well as our favorites).  Between offering transparency as it relates to user data, continuing to vary options for content delivery, and making the most of Mobile, Moodle continues to position the open-source LMS as a leader in our educational landscape.