Moodle 3.6: Enhancements to Moodle Badges

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Moodle badges

Great news for badge collectors! Thanks to some useful new settings made available in Moodle 3.6, teachers and trainers can now include versions, language, and image author details when setting up a badge. There are also options for including third-party endorsements and referencing external competencies.

Badge Updates in Moodle 3.6

A few of these new customizations can now be added within the Badge details section of your course.  There you can edit the badge version and language in addition to the description.  You can also edit the image details as seen below…

Moodle Badges

Moodle Badges

Endorsements, related badges, and external competencies can now be added to each badge as well.  For example, if you have a similar badge in a different language, that badge could be listed under “related badges.”  If you want to link this badge to another organization’s competencies, it is now possible!  Easily add the specified competency to the badge via the Competencies section.

Moodle Pages

If learners earn a badge from an external agency or organization, or even from a different department within the same organization, the Endorsement feature can be used to provide further detail about who is providing the endorsement as shown here…

Moodle Badges

Once these new details have been added, customization is complete and we can select the “Save changes” button.

Badges are a great way to celebrate learner achievement, to show learning progress, and to motivate organizations.  Many institutions have seen a significant and positive impact on learner morale and engagement after introducing a badge system.  For more information on the use of Badges in your Moodle course, check out the Badges doc at or contact your eThink Moodle expert!

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