What is the Moodle™ Educator Certification Program and Why Should You Attend?

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Looking to create better courses and improve your skills in Moodle™? Brought to you by the Moodle™ HQ team, the Moodle™ Educator Certification Program teaches Moodle™rs the most important tips on how to leverage specific tools within the platform in order to create successful eLearning programs and meet instructional goals.

What is the Moodle™ Educator Certification Program?

The Moodle™ Educator Certification (MEC) program is designed for teachers, instructors, and trainers looking to develop their digital competencies and advance their Moodle™ skills. More than just a set of typical Moodle™ how-to’s or functionality lessons, the MEC Program equips attendees with specific skill sets necessary to fully utilize the robust flexibility of this open-source platform. The program applies and extends the foundational skills received via eThink’s additional training offerings included in the eThink Academy.

Why the MEC is Unique to Other Moodle™ Courses

The MEC focuses on teaching and learning with consideration for how to leverage certain core tools to meet a variety of instructional goals. This program is unique in that it offers you the chance to work alongside your peers in a collaborative environment. You’ll also have eThink experts who will support you throughout the duration of the program.

The design of the modules reflects the following beliefs:

  1. Educators are the focus of our attention, not features. We honor the expertise of educators engaged in our models. We show them some Moodle™ teaching approaches and build in facilitated and self-regulated learning experiences. Our educators are asked to consider their own best work in the modules, as well as ways they may apply the ideas in their own teaching and learning practice using Moodle™.
  2. Teaching practice is informed by qualitative feedback. We try to model specific behaviors like providing exemplars in Moodle™, making room for experimentation, encouraging reflection, and requesting feedback from our participants. The reflections we ask educators to make help make future decisions based on that information.

Why Should You Attend?

Collaborate with the Community. As mentioned, the MEC program relies heavily on collaboration, allowing learners to reflect, discuss, and provide feedback on the course. These sessions will be recorded, but live attendance and engagement with your learning cohort is encouraged. Not to mention, eThink experts will be there to support you from start to finish as you work through this comprehensive, competency-based curriculum.

Receive Recognition for Completion. After completing the MEC program, attendees will obtain an official certification recognizing their mastery of Moodle™. Add industry-recognized badges to your portfolio and display your advancing skills through the MEC!

Learn Moodle™, Create Better Courses. Ultimately, the main goal of joining the MEC program is to create better learning experiences for students. By understanding and utilizing the flexibility of Moodle™ and employing best eLearning practices, instructors and trainers can educate learners through an engaging and functionally-rich platform.

Join the Moodle™ Educator Certification Program

The entire MEC program and the comprehensive certificate consists of 22 different modules, categorized under four overarching teaching approaches.

The next MEC offering available through the eThink Academy is the “Foundation Certificate”, where program participants will work through six different modules in order to demonstrate effectiveness with digital competencies using Moodle™ Tools.  

The 6 modules this certification covers are:

  • Universal Design
  • Open Content
  • Guiding Learners
  • Teaching Tools
  • Learner Collaboration
  • Assessment Strategy

The MEC Foundation certificate program will take place over the course of 8 weeks.  Participants will complete two “Design Challenges” in addition to a reflection discussion and feedback activity for each of the six modules that make up the certification. Live sessions held throughout these 8 weeks will allow you to engage with your learning cohort and to ask questions and view the work of others which will help cement your experience.

In the coming months, eThink Academy will be rolling out additional certification tracks, comprised of another 16 modules organized under the four overarching ‘teaching approaches.’ These four approaches -Design, Guide, Connect, Reflect – are central to the MEC’s curriculum. Upon completion of all the modules within a given teaching approach, participants will earn a Teaching Specialization badge and certificate.

A final, Comprehensive Certificate will be awarded once all 22 MEC modules have been completed.

Register for the MEC Program Today

Ready to take your Moodle™ skills to the next level? Join eThink for the Moodle™ Educator Certification (MEC) introductory webinar where we’ll kick off the eight-week course. Explore details on the MEC program or related eThink Academy courses for on-demand courses and professional development sessions.

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