Taking Your Moodle™ Site To The Next Level with eThink Academy’s Build a Better Moodle™ Course

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What is the Build a Better Moodle™ Course?

eThink’s Build a Better Moodle™ Course is the latest facilitated session brought to you by eThink Academy. This course teaches participants how to craft a Moodle™ course just like they would build a home, working from the foundation through the intricate design details. At the end of this course, participants will learn how to craft sturdy, functional, and attractive Moodle™ courses.

eThink’s Build a Better Moodle™ Course consists of seven modules, paired with ‘webinar workshops’ over the course of five weeks. Following a 30-minute kick-off webinar overviewing the sessions, participants gain access to two modules at a time within a supplemental course. In the following weeks, course instructors will hold 1-hour webinars to cover the key points of each module and facilitate an open discussion/Q&A session on those topics.

Why Take This Course?

Aside from working with eThink’s team of Moodle™ experts, this course will allow you to collaborate with and learn from other Moodle™ educators taking the course. The webinars include open Q&A sessions and discussions where you can ask questions of eThink’s experts and hear about the experiences of other course members. 

This course’s extensive modules and objectives will transform the way you craft Moodle™ courses and help you to create a robust learning experience for your end users. The modules and objectives covered in this course are:

  • Setting the Foundation: Identify features and settings; understand course end dates and their impact on your Dashboard; and acclimate yourself with your participants page.
  • Framing the Walls: Understand common activity and resource types; consider out-of-the-box creation of content in your courses; and dive into advanced usage of forums.
  • Running the Electric: Learn about the lesson module and consider ways to use it; explore the assignment module; and ponder ways to assess and connect to your learners.
  • Designing the Interior: Explore the workshop module; consider using wikis for collaborative and creative learning opportunities; and peruse the database module and think about what type of record keeping it could help you with.
  • Communicating with your team: Notice message and notification icons; explore the preferences available in your user profile; and consider the accessibility of your content.
  • Tracking the progress: Understand the capabilities of activity completion in your courses; use reports and logs to pull information on student progress and participation; Incorporate restrict access settings to control content flow; and build badges for your learners to display as proof of mastery
  • Evaluating quality of work: Begin using feedback within your quizzes; explore your review options to control what information students will be shown during a quiz, immediately after completion, and after the quiz is closed; determine which grading and aggregation method(s) suit your needs; and pull results and run various reports on your assessments.

What is eThink Academy?

As leaders and experts in LMS Solutions for open-source Moodle™ & Totara Learn, eThink offers on-demand training courses and professional development sessions such as the Build a Better Moodle™ Course through eThink Academy. These courses are designed to improve and add to the skill set of any eLearning manager, L&D professional, or LMS administrator and help them maximize the functionality, design, and effectiveness of their LMS.

eThink regularly rolls out various eThink Academy workshops and training courses that provide LMS expertise around eLearning best practices, pedagogy, product updates, functionality enhancements, and much more. Enroll in one of our scheduled eLearning courses, purchase a custom training package, or develop your Moodle™ skills through the Moodle™ Educator Certification Program all through eThink Academy. These courses are open to both clients and the general public. Click below to learn more about our upcoming eThink Academy courses and programs or contact us for more information.

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