MoodleMoot US 2019: 5 Key Takeaways from This Year’s Conference

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There are many benefits to attending an eLearning conference. From connecting with other professionals in your field, getting feedback from your peers on your work, and hearing about the latest research and trends happening in your industry, conferences offer unique opportunities to learn, network, and explore ways to improve your education and training efforts with experts and other professionals within your industry.  

This year’s MoodleMoot US held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center was no different. Hundreds of Moodle developers, users, and administrators from a wide range of industries came together to share Moodle best practices, insights, and tips and participate in hands-on workshops on the use of Moodle in education, training, and research. eThink was honored to join Moodle HQ and other Moodle Partners and Premium Integrators at the event, where we had a chance to share our team’s extensive expertise around the Moodle platform through a number of workshops and presentations.

There were a number of great takeaways from this year’s event, but  we’ve compiled a list recapping the 5 most impressive takeaways from the workshops and experiences at MoodleMoot US 2019– read on for more!

Top Takeaways from MoodleMoot US 2019

While there were many amazing moments at the MOOT in Philadelphia, here are a few of our favorites:MoodleMoot US 2019

1. “Building Blocks of Moodle” Workshop

One of the most engaging sessions of the Moot was eThink Education’s “Building Blocks of Moodle” workshop hosted by Todd Mathews, Director of Implementation, and Vanessa Royce, Training Coordinator. Together, they walked participants through the key aspects of creating a spectacular eLearning solution through your LMS, starting with the essentials like user creation and enrollment to considerations like plugin selection and ongoing support needs. Participants had the opportunity to discuss the many options available to them including authentication methods and theme design.

Through a robust “round robin” conversation, this workshop identified a wide range of tactics and methods being used by conference goers to leverage Moodle around the world.  By the end of this 90 minute session, users were able to take away not only what they learned from their Moodle peers but were given a true representation of all the wonderful LMS creations possible with Moodle.

2. MEC Workshop

The Moodle Education Certification (MEC) workshop held on Day 1 of the Moot, hosted by Solange LaLonde, Kim Salinas, and Vanessa Royce, truly captured how the latest educational research is being applied in Moodle. This hands-on session allowed participants to take advantage of an open discussion where new ideas and thoughts were shared. Attendees learned about the philosophy and principles behind the Educator Certificate Program and even submitted two design challenges during the workshop, immediately earning them a badge that they could showcase as evidence of their achievement toward the MEC certification.  

eThink Education is one of the few Moodle Certified Partners offering MEC classes to the public. Join eThink for our next installment of the MEC program in January 2020. 

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3. Moodle Integration Workshop

Jesse Safran, eThink’s Senior Technical Analyst, presented an in-depth presentation on how to create a Web Services integration in Moodle. Jesse masterfully walked attendees through this process from start to finish and also gave a quick introduction on ways to find how APIs are already used in the Moodle Mobile App. Questions from the audience sparked much discussion amongst the group and session attendees left armed with valuable information that they were able to use to improve their Moodle experience.

4. Moodle Premium Integrator Presentations

TurnItIn, BigBlueButton, and Intelliboard are three fantastic Moodle Premium Integrators (and also eThink partners) with deep integrations into Moodle. During the conference, their teams played a huge role in evangelizing Moodle’s contribution to global education to all attendees, while also mentioning how they personally support those efforts through their own products and services.  

As part of one conversation, Fred Dixon at BigBlueButton commented that they are “proud to support Moodle through our open source web conferencing system for online learning.”  Later in the conference, Tonya Riney at Intelliboard remarked: “As always, the Moots are a wonderful experience. Moodle folks are sophisticated and talking with them in person is a delight – especially when we get to meet our own clients!”  We share both Fred and Tonya’s enthusiasm for encouraging the continued growth of the Moodle platform as well as the delight in getting together in person with our clients! 

5. Client Experiences

One of the most exciting takeaways from this year’s MoodleMoot US was the many memorable interactions with eThink clients. eThink joined clients in attending informational sessions, listening to them present on their eLearning experiences to the larger Moot audience, and held conversations throughout the conference to further explore their eLearning goals. 

Hart Wilson from Southern Oregon University stated: “It was SO GREAT [to see you]. I loved spending some time with all of you – wonderful to put faces to all the names and voices.” We couldn’t agree more!

Jay Ponagai at Jackson College remarked: “The MoodleMoot helped bring to life the service and dedication eThink has to its clients. It’s one thing to be on the receiving end of their excellent services and another to see that truly exceptional customer service is their normal mode of operation.” This statement proves that conferences like the MoodleMoot not only serve to support the Moodle community at large but also support the quality relationships we strive to continuously build everyday here at eThink. 

All in all, MoodleMoot US 2019 lived up to our expectations, providing the perfect opportunity to collaborate with clients, partners, experts in the Moodle community, and Moodle HQ themselves. 

We hope to see YOU at another conference! Visit our events page to see which events we’re attending this year and book a meeting with us! Or, contact eThink to explore our fully-managed solutions for Moodle LMS. We’d love to hear how you’re currently using Moodle or how you hope to use Moodle, and to explore the ways that we can help you reach your learning goals!

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Want more takeaways? View some photos of our other favorite Moot moments below. 

Honorable Mention Takeaway: 1 cheese steak is not enough when your EdTech street cred is on the line!