Overcoming the ‘Sins of Moodle™ Past’

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On a recent phone call with a prospective client who was evaluating Learning Management Systems (LMS), the individual commented that she “has never heard anything positive about Moodle™.”  Although the boldness of that statement was surprising, the sentiment unfortunately was not…

When speaking with prospective clients we frequently find that one of the most common objections to Moodle™ is usually due to past experiences with poorly implemented Moodle™ sites. At eThink, we like to call this the ‘sins of Moodle™ past.’

Most commonly, any objection to Moodle™ stems from having been exposed to a poor implementation of Moodle™ or hearing about such an experience secondhand. Although poor software implementations are hardly unique to Moodle™, what IS unique is the wide range of reasons to explain a poor Moodle™ implementation, owing to the fact that Moodle™ is open-source and freely available – which yes, is one of the great strengths of the product, but this also facilitates and even promotes the ability to implement it poorly. We’ll explain how to avoid committing the sins of Moodle™ past and make the most of your open-source LMS.

Lack of Appropriate Self-Hosting Resources

It is very common for prospective clients who are self-hosting Moodle™ to share that the reason they adopted Moodle™ in the first place was because it’s a free software.  While Moodle™ is indeed free, we like to say that it is ‘free like a puppy’ in the sense that you still need to invest time and resources in taking care of the puppy (or the Moodle™ site).

Too often, however, organizations that self-host Moodle™ are under-resourced, understaffed and otherwise lacking in the time and expertise necessary to optimize Moodle™. In many cases, even keeping it upgraded and secure can be a hassle for too small of a team. And when that is the case, these teams usually don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to optimize their site with Moodle™’s user-friendly and visually appealing themes, tight integration with other systems, or thoughtful site and course organization. This lack of appropriate IT resources leads to poor user experiences and to objections about Moodle™ as a platform. Thus, this sin of Moodle™ past becomes an obstacle to overcome.

Previous Sting of a Lackluster Moodle™ Vendor

Self-hosting is not the only source of a poor Moodle™ implementation, however. There are also countless vendors across the globe that provide various types of services for Moodle™. Some are Moodle™ providers (like eThink) and some are not.

Unfortunately, we also hear many stories from prospective clients who have been dissatisfied with their previous Moodle™ vendor, which taints the entire Moodle™ experience and sometimes (incorrectly) causes users to attribute issues to the Moodle™ platform itself.

Moodle™ Customization Gone Wrong

We also encounter prospective clients who have gone the route of customizing Moodle™ to meet specific requirements they might have. Since the Moodle™ code is open, the ability to customize the platform is one of the things that attracts organizations to Moodle™. Too often, however, we find that organizations that have extensively customized Moodle™ become stuck and unable to upgrade, which not only creates security vulnerabilities but prohibits them from enjoying new product functionality in future releases down the road.

Ultimately, configuration over customization is key to maintaining a flexible and future-proof solution. All it takes is the right Moodle™ provider to help you keep your Moodle™ site secure, current, and optimized for continuous improvement.

Overcoming the Sins of Moodle™ Past & Highlighting the True Nature of Moodle™

These sins of Moodle™ past can manifest themselves as preconceived notions about what Moodle™ is and what the platform can or can’t accomplish, which can cause some Moodle™ users to move away from Moodle™ and others not to consider Moodle™ at all. To overcome these ‘sins,’ it’s our job at eThink to show prospective clients the nearly endless possibilities available with Moodle™.

We show them user-friendly themes, robust mobile functionality, the ability for tight integrations, and the extensive reporting capabilities that Moodle™ can provide.  We listen to what prospective clients need and what they want to accomplish and we illustrate the many ways that Moodle™ can get them there.

Our team of eLearning experts provide exceptional customer service and guidance when it comes to making the most of Moodle™. Moodle™ provides the tools. We provide the expertise and world-class support that helps our clients overcome any reservations they might have due to any sins of Moodle™ past, encouraging former and current Moodle™rs to rekindle their love of the platform while helping new Moodle™rs fall in the love with the platform as well!

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By June 4, 2018