Back to Back & Action-Packed Conferences in Denver: Recaps of the U.S. MoodleMoot and EDUCAUSE 2018

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As you may have guessed following our recaps of CEUG 2018, Online Learning / I4PL 2018, and DevLearn 2018, the eThink Team has had a jam-packed conference schedule this season. We’re continuing our recaps of these eLearning events with the inside scoops on this year’s U.S. MoodleMoot and EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, which took place in Denver during Halloween week. Find out more about each conference and our team’s key takeaways (and perhaps see a picture of some eThinkers in costume) below…

U.S. MoodleMoot 2018

The U.S. MoodleMoot in Denver allowed Moodle users, partners, developers, and administrators around the world to connect, share ideas, and conduct in-depth discussions related to all things Moodle. During the Moot, Moodle HQ offered an exclusive look into their new Learn Moodle curriculum and ideas for MoodleNet. They encouraged participants to network, collaborate, and provide feedback in order to contribute to the development process.U.S MoodleMoot 2018 eThink Education As Moodle Partners and experts, we were excited to connect with attendees and even present on a number of topics including:

  • Managing Multiple Organizations with Moodle Magic (or fake-tenancy)
  • Making the Transition from Self-Hosting to a Moodle Partner ft. insights from Erin Zidlicky of Luther College
  • Ways to Make Your Information Worth Remembering
  • Extending Moodle Through Integrations
  • Making Use of User Tours
  • Top 5 Lessons Learned During Upgrade Season

Our team also helped out during the Dr. Moodle session, which was an open forum discussion with attendees, and the Moodle Educator Certificate session led by Moodle HQ’s Bob McDonald.

These sessions were a hit with conference goers and we enjoyed the opportunity to connect and brainstorm with other Moodlers.

Additionally, each Moot sponsor was asked to present a fun QR trivia question for attendees to puzzle over. Can you guess the answer to ours? Our question was: “What is eThink’s average response to a support ticket?”

(We’ll reveal the answer towards the end of this blog – no cheating!)eThink & Clients U.S. Moodle Moot 2018

Missed the Moot?

If you missed the 2018 U.S. MoodleMoot, you can join the eThink Support Team on November 20th at 2:00pm Eastern for the first part of a webinar series recap. During these live webinars, we’ll cover the topics listed above and more.


Our eThinkers finished out the week at this year’s EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, which was also in Denver that week. EDUCAUSE, boasting the largest exhibitor hall in the industry, provided a variety of professional development experiences, both face-to-face and online, that addressed the networking and learning needs of the Higher Education IT community.

eThink had our booth set up right alongside Moodle HQ in a “Moodle Alley” with other Moodle Certified Partners and Premium Integrators. This was the first year Moodle HQ had their own showing at the event. They did a great job of educating attendees on the advantages of open-source technology and what Moodle is capable of. And, they even offered a preview of what to expect in coming releases. HQ also took attendees through live demonstrations in their booth and educated visitors on the importance of working with a Certified Moodle Partner and how the Moodle Partner Program operates.

Overall, EDUCAUSE was a great event where eThink was able to meet with technology providers, users, and enthusiasts from around the world. Education experts and professionals gathered to network, share ideas, grow professionally, and discover solutions to today’s eLearning challenges. For more on EDUCAUSE, you can see Phil Hill’s Notes on EDUCAUSE 2018.


Trivia Answer: On average, our Support Team provides a thoughtful human response in under one hour. And with eThink’s fully-managed model, our team goes in and makes the changes for you so you don’t have to!

Did you miss us during our fall conference kick?

No worries! We’re here to answer any questions you might have about eLearning best practices or open-source technologies.

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