Common User, Course & Enrollment Integrations in Moodle™

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At eThink, one of our primary competitive advantages in the LMS market is our team’s knowledge surrounding integrations and enabling the seamless flow of information from the LMS to and from external systems. As Moodle™ is modular nature – the “M” in Moodle™ does stand for modular after all – secondary systems can be easily integrated with the LMS for a more streamlined experience.

In this post, we wanted to share some common user, course, and enrollment integrations that allow the Moodle™ LMS and our clients’ important external systems to talk to each other, often reducing the need for duplicate data entry to deliver a more satisfying user experience for administrators and learners alike.

User Management Integrations

  • Manual – This is the simplest and most straight forward setup for creating users as all aspects of this creation/authentication will happen directly within Moodle™. Manually created users can be setup one at a time or through the use of Moodle™’s ‘Upload Users’ which allows a CSV file to be uploaded to create many users in bulk.
  • LDAP/AD – Until recently this was our most common authentication type. Moodle™ has a built-in option for LDAP(S) connections that allow for a direct connection to your Active Directory (AD) server, allowing for an instantaneous user creation and login.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) – eThink offers integration with many of today’s Single Sign On options (CAS, SAML, OAuth) to help offer a seamless integration for users working between multiple campus-wide/organizational tools all while using a single point of login.

Course and Enrollment Integrations

  • Manual Management – Moodle™ enables you to create new courses and add new user enrollments into those courses instantly directly on your Moodle™ site. This is often helpful for newer Moodle™ users, so they can help manage course creation and user management directly from within course(s) in Moodle™.
  • Flatfile Management – Flatfile upload allows for users to create new enrollments and courses through a bulk upload of a CSV file. This helps during the start of a new term or project launch as many courses can be created automatically and those user enrollments can be added in one fell swoop.
  • Full SIS Management – One of eThink’s specialties is our ability to connect your LMS directly with a variety of Student Information Systems (SIS). This direct connection allows for real-time creation of both courses and enrollments. This takes away a lot of the burden on campus registrars and HR departments as once the information is entered into the SIS it will automatically be updated into the Moodle™ site.
  • CRM/ERP Integration – eThink currently works with a wide range of CRM/ERP solutions to help manage user bases and enrollments within external portals that can pass that information back into Moodle™, such as LMS Checkout, Course Merchant,, and Enlighten.

These are just a few of the ways users, courses, and enrollments can be automatically updated in Moodle™ via integration. To dive into integrations a bit more, check out our post Moodle™ Integrations: Let Me Count the Ways.

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By August 7, 2017