Using Moodle Workplace Multitenancy to Support STEM Education

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TechTrep helps meet the gap in childhood education where STEM education is lacking or does not exist by providing a complete STEM curriculum to individual students, youth organizations, and school districts. Working with eThinka Certified Premium Moodle Partner, TechTrep built a unique Moodle Workplace platform to help them provide their comprehensive, affordable, and sustainable STEM, CTE, and entrepreneurship program to students across the United States 

TechTrep faced major challenges with their previous LMS 

Before switching to Moodle Workplace, TechTrep was providing courses to their students through a different Learning Management System (LMS) that presented several challenges. The most glaring problem they faced with their previous LMS was lack of multitenancy that resulted in the inability for TechTrep to provide uniquely branded platforms for each of their client organizations or delegate managing access to members of those organizations. Besides being highly limited in the level of branding and personalization they could provide their clients, they also could not create the reports their clients needed because the data from all students, regardless of their organization of origin, was housed on one tenantAdditionally, due to their “atypical use case,” TechTrep’s support from their previous LMS provider was nearly nonexistent. In order to be successful, they knew they needed a higher level of support from their next LMS provider.  

Moodle Workplace fit TechTrep’s unique needs 

Multitenancy was the most important piece of functionality for TechTrep and Moodle Workplace’s easytomanage multi-tenant functionality made it a perfect fit. Layered onto core Moodle code, Moodle Workplace is ideal for corporations, non-profits, or government organizations looking for more native functionality and unique factors such as multitenancy. Moodle Workplace’s features allowed TechTrep to configure independent tenants for organizational clients where they could delegate administrative responsibilities and allow for the customization of content, providing a more robust experience for both client organizations and learnersMoodle Workplace’s flexibility, alongside eThink’s high-touch support, provided TechTrep with a flexible and scalable solution that met their business needs.  

How their site works

eThink Education incorporated TechTrep’s catalogue of courses into their Moodle Workplace instance via LTI integrations. The platform was equipped with multiple tenants to cater towards TechTreps three user types: school districts, prospects, and homeschoolers 

School Districts: a school or organization that has its own tenant in the Moodle Workplace site and can manage their own users, enrollments, and reports.  

Many school districts utilize TechTrep to expand their STEM offerings for their students and, with TechTrep’s new Moodle Workplace site, those school districts can have a unique, branded tenant that has customized courses and learning plans based on their goals. Within these tenants, there are custom tenant administrator and tech mentor roles that can be used by school district members to enroll their students and even personalize the courses at the content level 

The individual school district tenants are copied from the master tenant” template created by eThink. Courses are brought into each new tenant through Backup and Restore, rather than the course sharing functionality available in Moodle Workplace, so that tenant administrators can have editing rights in the courses and can modify learning plans without affecting courses in other tenants. In addition to the default set of reports built by eThink for TechTrep, each tenant can also build unique reports based on their needs. Additionally, these organizations can add an organizational structure for reporting and course allocation, create their own branded certificates, and more.  

With members of school districts able to manage their own students and enrolments, the TechTrep team spends less time dealing with administrative tasks and school districts have more control over their students.   

Prospects: school or organization that has shown interest but is not yet a TechTrep client. 

Prospects can enter the site’s default tenant via the guest access configured by eThink to view sample courses and gain a better understanding of what TechTrep offers. Unique permissions were set up to restrict prospects’ access to specific courses 

Homeschoolers: individual students who have access to courses they have purchased via an ecommerce integration. 

eThink configured an eCommerce API integration between TechTrep’s WordPress website and Moodle Workplace using an Edwiser bridge to give students who purchased individual courses instant access to the Moodle Workplace platform. Homeschoolers have access to the default tenant, but can only see the courses they purchased, as opposed to all the courses available on the tenant. 

A scalable, effective solution 

TechTrep’s new Moodle Workplace site allowed them to provide a more advanced and customized client experience than had previously been possibleTechTrep can now provide a better experience for students and organizational clients alike, while providing them with a platform that has increased their efficiencies and allows them to continue to scale their business.  

Watch Benn Cass, Customer Solutions Architect at eThink Education, present on How eThink & TechTrep are Using Multitenancy to Support STEM Education at the 2020 Mountain Moot.  


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