What We Love About Moodle 3.4

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Similar to what we saw with version 3.2, Moodle’s latest upgrade 3.4 continues to enhance the user interface and include additional features that make building and editing content an easier process. Read on for details on what improvements in Moodle 3.4 we love most.

User Experience Improvements

One of the most obvious improvements to the user experience is the connection of user tours to the category level.  Previously, administrators could create user tours at the site level in locations such as the front page or dashboard, and at the course and activity level.  User tours at the site level are helpful to showcase changes to navigation, customization, and the general look and feel of new themes like Boost. If you aren’t taking advantage of this feature to ease your users into these changes you probably should!  Creating user tours that connect to the course level is helpful for showing course content creators where they will go to make edits, access their participants list, or enter the gradebook.  Imagine what such an introduction could do for teachers new to Moodle or to your theme!

But what about Moodle sites that have categories for various departments within their organization?  Or schools that structure courses by semester?  In Moodle 3.4, you can now create user tours that connect to the category level, and each tour can address topics that apply specifically to each category.  This means that your Legal department that is using competencies can be shown information different from your Human Resources department that needs to know how to track certificates and badges earned.  Or your students and teachers taking courses in 2017 can be provided information that differs from those who are not enrolled in courses until 2018.  Controlling user tour content at the category level is certainly something quite a few of our clients will be pleased to start using.

User Tours Moodle 3.4

Course Improvements

A much anticipated enhancement in Moodle 3.4 is the changes we see with the calendar.  We are now able to drag-and-drop items around the calendar, making moving them to their proper location much quicker.  Events that can be moved are those created manually as well as the Feedback activity, Assignment activity, and Choice activity events.  Once moved, the dates will change automatically.  In previous Moodle versions, events could be created and displayed at the site, course, group, and user level, but now in Moodle 3.4 you can also create an event at the category level. View a short video overview of the improvements to the calendar here.

Calendar Moodle 3.4

Activity Improvements

Setting activity completion is a great way to track completion of activities within your course, and to gauge progress and overall movement.  New in Moodle 3.4 is the control that instructors have in marking activities complete on behalf of their students, for both manual and automatically completed items.

This capability gives educators marking flexibility. (Picture checking the quality of forum posts rather than just the total number of them.)  This also allows educators to mark activities complete on behalf of learners which is a feature that might be used, for example, when the activity to be completed is a physical one such as a classroom presentation.

This enhancement takes one of our favorite features – the graphical and visually appealing activity completion report – to a new level and is another example of Moodle’s intention to continue to put more control in the users’ hands.  To learn more about this feature, watch this video or tune into our What’s New in Moodle 3.4 webinar led by our Services Team.

As always, the eThink team is happy to discuss new features and site upgrades anytime.  Contact us for more information about any of the topics discussed here!

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Explore the new features and functionality in Moodle’s latest upgrade during this webinar led by the eThink Services Team.