What’s New in Moodle™ 3.9

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The latest version of Moodle™ Learning Management System (LMS), Moodle™ 3.9, offers exciting new features to amplify the learning experience. These enhancements allow Moodle™ administrators, instructors, and learners to leverage more functionality, customization, and collaboration. Whether you are a current Moodle™ user or utilizing another LMS, you’ll want to check out what’s new in Moodle™ 3.9.

The main enhancements found in Moodle™ 3.9 include:

Course Editing Button

The first feature enhanced in Moodle™ 3.9 is the new, prominent turn editing on button. If you are using the Fordson theme, you already have this but in a different location. Those using the Boost theme, which is what you see in this course, will now have a more noticeable turn editing on button located at the top right-hand side of the screen. Now, course instructors can turn editing on with one simple click.

User-Friendly Scrolling

One common pain point we’ve heard our clients talk about is what we love to call the scroll of death. I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of working in a course, getting all the way to the bottom, only to realize that we forgot to turn editing on. Now, you can simply click the go to top button and quickly navigate back to the top of the course page.

Book Navigation

Next up is the new navigation within a Book. In 3.9, when learners are navigating through a Book resource, it is now much clearer how they can move forward and backwards throughout the book. Instructors can choose to show the chapter titles within the navigation instead of the standard arrow images. To select either the chapter titles or the arrow icons, instructors will navigate to the settings of the Book resource and expand the Appearance section. Then, the Style of Navigation setting is what indicates whether the chapter headings are used or the arrow icons. To select the chapter headings, you would select the option “Text”. If you’d like to use the arrow icons, you’d select the option “Images”.

Don’t forget that the handy Help Button provides additional information if you forget the difference between Images and Text later on when you are creating a Book resource in your course.

Participant Filtering

In 3.9, participant filtering is much more powerful for course instructors. Instructors are now given the option to filter by multiple conditions such as role, enrollment method, and status. Instructors can select when filtering if they would like the results to meet all or any of the selected conditions.

If you scroll down, you will see the list of the participants within my course. In order to only see learners from a specific group, add two conditions to your search. First, add the condition to filter by the Role of Student. Then, add a second condition to filter by Group and then select the Group you want to narrow your results down to. If you want to only see the students who are a part of Group A, change the option at the top to Match All of the conditions. Select “Apply filters”, and you will then be shown the Participants that meet your criteria. If you need to filter your participants by other criteria, you simply click the “Clear filters” button, and start again.

Course Copy: Duplicating courses made simple!

Moodle™ 3.9 showcases a highly anticipated Course Copy feature that enables the duplication of courses from within the Moodle™ platform in a few easy, intuitive steps. This feature has been fostered and funded by the Moodle™ Users Association and makes building courses much easier than in past versions.

If you have been a Moodle™ admin or an instructor for a while, you know how cumbersome it can be to copy courses from semester to semester. Now, users will see a simple duplication icon in the Manage Course and Categories section of your site. A pop up will appear to add in your duplicate course details, including where the course will live, start and end date, user data, and more. This new feature makes duplicating courses quick and easy.

Activity Chooser Layout

The activity chooser formerly displayed in a list format. Now, you will see it in a grid format. The new activity chooser layout also allows you to see all activities and resources under one tab, or to separate by activities and resources.

Clicking the lowercase “I” icon will bring up a detailed but concise explanation for that activity or resource. By scrolling down, you can add this activity or resource to a course directly from the information panel.

Instructors can also now star their activities so they’re more easily accessible, creating a starred tab in the activity chooser menu. This is a great way to have your most loved or used resources and activities in one place for quick access.

H5P interactive activities are now part of Moodle™ core

In Moodle™ 3.9, H5P content will be available as a standard Moodle™ activity where criteria for activity completion can be set as well as the content connected to the gradebook. The new Content bank enables the creation or uploading of H5P content, which can be stored there for it to be shareable across courses.

For more information on the latest features and enhancements in Moodle™ 3.9, check out our Moodle™ updates page for additional resources, or watch our recent What’s New in Moodle™ 3.9 webinar hosted below.


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