Moodle™ & Totara Learn Case Studies by eThink

Business LMS Case Studies

JA Canada Partners With eThink Education to Support a New Business Model by Bringing In-Person Courses into a Digital Format

With the help of eThink Education, JA Canada was able to build a customized Moodle™ Learning Management System (LMS) to provide self-directed programs to students and teachers, and train volunteers.

The City of San Antonio Provides Training & Engagement Through Totara to Help Employees Reach Potential

With eThink’s unlimited support and consultation, the City of San Antonio is confident of the direction of their project and looks forward to continuing to find the best ways to support and enhance their training efforts.

WekaIO Increases Training Effectiveness & Efficiency with a Custom Training Program by eThink and CyberCrocodile

Partnering with eThink and CyberCrocodile has allowed WekaIO to create an engaging and efficient sales training program that has the capability to scale within their organization and adapt to support their future needs and goals.

SIAA Uses Moodle™ by eThink to Provide a Community-Oriented Online University for Members

With a quality Moodle™ site, SIAA was able to create the community-oriented online university that they wanted. SIAA creates the courses that agents want to see and recruits members from master agencies to help create and facilitate classes, enabling them to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the network.

Powell’s Books Uses Totara to Deliver a Personalized Training Experience for Employees

Using Programs and Certifications, and utilizing Hierarchies that align to their organizational structure, Powell’s is now able to provide employees with more personalized learning plans including different course libraries for managers and employees. 

Vistaprint Uses Totara by eThink to Educate and Empower a Global Network of Care Specialists

Vistaprint works with eThink Education to support and educate over 3,000 CARE specialists across the globe. Since switching to a fully-managed Totara instance with eThink, Vistaprint has enjoyed the ability to focus less on the management and upkeep of the LMS and more on other projects focused on improving workflows and the overall learning experience for their employees.

Carbon Black Uses Moodle™ by eThink to Improve Onboarding with Role-Based Learning Pathways

Utilizing Moodle™ by eThink increased efficiencies in onboarding and professional development, which in turn generated more immediate productivity from employees. Reporting and analytics, role-based onboarding, and an organized professional development program allow Carbon Black to make sure that all employees have the necessary resources to succeed in their roles.

Education LMS Case Studies

Cochise College Moves Forward with Institutional Goals After Moving to Fully-Managed Moodle™ Site

eThink implemented a real-time SIS integration, enabling seamless migration of user data, courses, and enrollments between Cochise College’s Student Information System and Moodle™.

The Royal College of Art Revamps and Streamlines Moodle™ Platform by eThink

After partnering with eThink, the RCA was able to transform its Moodle™ site by incorporating the latest technology and integrations, effectively bringing its learning platform goals and vision for the student experience to life. 

New Jersey Department of Education Uses Moodle™ to Support Educators Across the State

The NJDOE’s eLearning trainings are easily accessible, can be shared with a larger network, and reduce the need for travel, leading to more sessions being completed by a wider array of educators.