What is Flipped Classroom?

Flipped classroom refers to a specific style of blended learning or hybrid classroom, depending on the exact balance of online work to instructional time. The structure of a flipped classroom switches the work that is traditionally absorbed through lecture and in-class reading with the exercises typically assigned for reinforcement as homework. As a result, the instructor is present for hands-on activities and better capable of addressing the needs of learners at multiple levels as they move toward mastery.

Lectures and other one-direction communications are moved online and usually assigned for home viewing alongside the course's reading materials. The work done during in-seat classroom time can be structured for individual or group learning, and often in blended learning sessions both methods are used interchangeably throughout the course. Hybrid classes that lean toward online participation most of the time are more likely to use face to face time for group engagement, putting individual exercises and assessment online with extra support.

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