What is h5p?

H5P, short for HTML5 Package, is a content collaboration framework based on Javascript that aims to make the creation and implementation of interactive HTML5 content accessible and easy to use. It is free and open-source, which makes it easy for businesses and hobbyist website designers alike to create quizzes, puzzles, timelines, and even interactive presentations.

It is currently being used on more than 17,000 websites. H5P is easy to integrate into Moodle™ as a plugin and was incorporated into the core product in Moodle™ version 3.9.

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About eThink

eThink is an eLearning provider that offers fully-managed learning management solutions for open-source Moodle™ and Totara Learn. eThink provides a dynamic and customizable LMS solution that makes meeting eLearning goals easy.