What is Learning Ecosystem?

Learning ecosystem refers to the full system of learning and training in place at an institution, whether that institution is a company, an NGO, or a formal school like a university. In this case, that full system includes both the tangible and intangible parts of the learning process.

As in the learning ecosystem, the learning management system (LMS) usually serves at the primary hub of learning. However, the learning ecosystem usually incorporates other pieces of technology that integrate with the LMS to enhance the learning experience. These additional pieces of the learning ecosystem can include analytics, a Learning Record Store (LRS) , Learning Experience Platform (LXP), content libraries and more.

That means instructors, locations, resources, strategies, and even the culture of the institution in question are all considered part of the learning ecosystem for any given organization. The term is more commonly used among L&D professionals than in formal schooling environments at degree-granting institutions, but it is also applied by some professionals in formal education.

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