What is ​​​​Performance Monitoring?

​If performance management is the act of ensuring output meets an organization's goals, then performance monitoring is the process by which individual members, teams, and departments are tracked as they progress toward goals. Often, management techniques involve using monitoring to track which members of the organization may need a little extra help or feedback to progress toward the goal within the stated parameters.

Monitoring can be passive or active, and it can occur alongside management or separately. AI-driven user performance management tends to incorporate its own monitoring to make the cycle of providing insights and tracking changes to user behavior fully automated.

Performance monitoring can also refer to the suite of software tools available to monitor the health of a cloud-based software service using metrics like the available bandwidth and processing power, storage footprint on the cloud, number of active users, and so forth.

Used as a technical term for software monitoring, it is an important part of maintaining cloud applications and ensuring their accessibility. The processes and tools that go into performance monitoring for cloud applications vary according to the software vendor and designer.

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