Industry-Leading LMS Solutions

eThink provides a dynamic and customizable LMS platform to meet specific institutional and organizational eLearning needs across various industries. From young students to seasoned business professionals, eThink’s team of experts handle the heavy lifting so your IT team can focus time and resources elsewhere. 

LMS Support for Various Institutions, Industries, and Organizations

Industries - Professional Education Corporate Learning

Corporate Training

In today’s fast-paced business environment, continuing education is integral to an effective business strategy. Well-trained employees move businesses forward and help meet company goals.

Higher Education

eThink’s real-time, fully automated integrations allow user data, courses, attendance, and grades to seamlessly migrate between your LMS and SIS at a fraction of the cost of competing systems.


Moodle LMS simplifies both teaching and learning for K-12 institutions. Introducing young students to an eLearning platform prepares them for future educational and professional settings.


eThink provides a flexible training program that incorporates certifications, compliance programs, and security measures to support employee development, allowing teams to better serve the public.

Industry Case Studies

Vistaprint Uses Totara to Educate and Empower a Global Network of Care Specialists.


University of Northwestern St. Paul Finds the Freedom to Innovate with Moodle.

Powell’s Books Uses Totara to Deliver a Personalized Training Experience for Employees.

Why Organizations Choose eThink 

Low Cost

Our solution is a fraction of the cost of competing learning management platforms.

World-Class Service

All support tickets are answered in 60 minutes or less by our team of experts.

Fully Managed

From implementation, hosting, management, and support...we have you covered.

Open Source

More customization, functionality, and flexibility compared to closed-source software.

CRM/ERP/SIS Integrations

Seamless integration of your most important systems with our LMS platforms.


An LMS solution tailored to your organization’s eLearning needs.

Fully-managed Service for Moodle and Totara Learn LMS