Healthcare LMS

Using an eLearning solution in healthcare allows for streamlined, cost-effective delivery of content-rich educational materials.

As time is always in short supply for medical professionals, your L&D administrators may be wondering how they can efficiently provide employees with the resources they need to consistently perform their duties to the best of their ability.

Healthcare professionals are continuously learning as they upgrade skills and adapt to new protocols and medical procedures. This is in addition to the HR training they receive in areas such as diversity and management.

The key to a successful healthcare eLearning program is to choose a Learning Management System (LMS) that is customizable and securely supported. At eThink, we provide a healthcare LMS that gives you the flexibility you need to offer quality training content, track compliance, and generate reports on every employee and department.

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Does Your Healthcare LMS Cover All Your Needs?

One of the advantages of using an LMS for healthcare education is the way in which it supports convenience, collaboration, and compliance. Workers in medical fields are incredibly busy and it is difficult and sometimes impossible to get a group of them in the same room. An eLearning platform has been shown to increase the following:

Training & Onboarding

An effective healthcare eLearning platform can help manage onboarding of new employees, foster talent development, and offer soft skills training for nurses, physicians and others dealing with patients on a day-to-day basis.


Healthcare regulations and standards are constantly changing. Keep up-to-date by tracking the compliance of your employees within your learning platform. Develop recurring certifications to encourage employees to freshen knowledge or skills.

 Dynamic Reporting

An LMS is only part of the equation when it comes to healthcare training. Extensive logging and reporting gives you the assurance that your employees are receiving the training they need to keep your organization in compliance.

Cost-Effective & Accessible Healthcare Training

Making training material accessible to your learners in a digital format using an LMS is often more time and cost-effective. This has the added benefit of reducing your carbon footprint, as well as making training more convenient for your employees.

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eLearning Solutions for Healthcare

Having an eLearning partner that understands the unique challenges facing the healthcare industry and L&D professionals is important. Companies in the healthcare industry need a secure platform to protect data and training records while successfully supporting healthcare compliance and training. A custom LMS can be tailored to meet your specific healthcare training needs using open-source eLearning technology.

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A flexible, open enterprise solution that enables organizations to deliver individual learning plans. eThink is a certified Platinum Totara Partner.


Harness the power of Moodle™ to provide employees with a flexible and accessible training system that can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

The Benefits of eThink for Healthcare

With eThink, healthcare companies can get the high-quality service and support needed to save time, remain compliant and onboard new employees efficiently. An award-winning LMS provider, eThink does all the heavy lifting when it comes to the back-end maintenance of your healthcare training platform.

Compliance & Certification

In today's healthcare landscape, professionals have to navigate regulations and programs like Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, HIPPA, HITECH, FDA, GDPR, and the False Claims Act. eThink's extensive logging and reporting capabilities give you the ability to track employee learning and confirm that they are receiving the training they need to keep your healthcare organization compliant.

Security & Privacy

eThink hosts our clients in HIPPA and OSHA compliant environments using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting, so you can rest assured the privacy of your patients and employees is secure.

Measurable Learning

Analytics and custom reports allow you to quickly measure learner engagement, progress, and more. This data can enable more informed decision-making, identify top-performing individuals, and track ongoing education efforts to keep employees up to date with the latest technologies and procedures.

Streamlined Onboarding

An effective onboarding process introduces new employees to the organization and communicates key policies and protocols. Having all this information accessible in one place makes for a smooth transition and helps employees feel like a valuable, effective team member from day one.

Meeting Requirements for Healthcare Compliance with an LMS

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