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Moodle Partner eThink Education Announces Partnership with ilos…

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Moodle Partner eThink Education Announces Partnership with ilos, the Only Video Capture Platform with Included Section 508 Compliant Captions

eThink’s most recent partnership allows Moodle by eThink clients to access ilos’s video platform and interactive player within the Moodle LMS.

eThink Education, a rapidly-growing Certified Moodle Partner, has announced a new partnership with ilos that enables current and future eThink clients access to ilos’s video content management platform and 99% accurate closed-captioning on all their video content, both seamlessly integrated into Moodle by eThink environments.

ilos, the fastest growing video platform, provides Moodle users with a fully integrated video platform that makes it incredibly simple to record, edit, share, and closed caption video content right from the cloud. Instructors drive student engagement with their video content through ilos’s interactive video player, which includes quizzes and live-commenting.

“Ilos brings video and closed captioning together at no extra cost, and we are thrilled to be taking things one step further inside the Moodle Learning Management System with eThink,” commented Sean Higgins, President of ilos.

“eThink is always on the lookout for innovative technologies that can enhance the Moodle experience. ilos’s video platform and interactive player can be launched from within Moodle, providing both students and faculty with a streamlined process for utilizing video within their learning strategy,” said Brian Carlson, Co-Founder and CEO of eThink. “With ilos, closed captioning is available at no additional cost, making it easy for institutions to ensure ADA Section 508 compliance.”

To see how ilos works within Moodle, check out the video below.

About ilos

ilos helps institutions like University of California Berkeley, IT University of Denmark, and the University of Nebraska Lincoln drive faculty adoption and increase video use in course content with the growing wave of blended and online learning. Here’s how it works: More information can be found at:

About eThink Education

eThink Education is a Certified Moodle Partner providing implementation, cloud hosting, integration, and management services for the Learning Management System Moodle. Open-source Moodle is the most widely used LMS in the world. When implemented and managed by experts, Moodle is an extremely dynamic platform capable of surpassing the functionality of competing systems. eThink’s Moodle cloud hosting services offer unrivaled performance and exceptional value.


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