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Genius SIS and eThink Education Partner to Offer Seamless SIS-LMS Integration

By November 5, 2018 No Comments

Genius SIS, a leader in next-generation web-based Student Information System (SIS) for online and virtual schools, announces its partnership with eThink Education, a fully-managed eLearning solution for open-source Learning Management Systems (LMS) Moodle™ and Totara.

The partnership provides schools, organizations, and corporations unprecedented flexibility when creating e-Learning opportunities, and opens an extremely wide spectrum of possibilities around registration, reporting, user management and course delivery through a seamless and bi-directional SIS-LMS integration.

Beny Lederman, CEO of Genius SIS asserts, “Today’s eLearning administrators and educators want more choices in how they deliver learning opportunities to their students. Instead of progress, performance and engagement data being siloed away in specialized systems, administrators want the ability to register, manage, and track training outcomes – regardless of how learning is delivered. By integrating Genius SIS with the eThink LMS, programs now have access to a proven platform to better manage their e-Learning initiatives as they begin to scale”.

Genius SIS adds valuable registration, user management and back-end capabilities, while eThink addresses all LMS system benchmarks including hosting, implementation, integration, consultation, and management. Through Genius SIS, clients can now have access to self-registration functionality, e-Commerce, enrollment approval workflows (including enrollment caps and waiting lists), tracking of course pre-requisites, support for learning paths and the generation of completion certificates and transcripts – key functionality to manage complex e-Learning initiatives that complement the content delivery features of the LMS.

“We’re excited to partner with Genius SIS to provide increased adaptability and delivery options for eLearning,” said Brian Carlson, CEO of eThink Education. “With real-time SIS integration, school administrators can take advantage of improved efficiencies that are only possible when an institution’s two most important systems are configured to communicate and share data.”

Inquiries for web-based demo appointments as well as the terms and conditions for the partnership’s SIS-LMS integration solutions may be made by contacting Genius at SIS or eThink Education at

About eThink Education

eThink Education provides a world-class, fully managed eLearning solution including implementation, cloud hosting, integration, consultation, and management services for open-source Moodle™ and Totara. Managed by experts, eThink’s total solution provides a dynamic and customizable platform to meet specific institutional and organizational needs. With clients in various industries including Education, Healthcare, Government, Nonprofit, and Corporate, eThink can help all types of organizations to maximize the effectiveness of their eLearning programs for improved business outcomes.

About Genius SIS

Based in Plantation, Florida, Genius SIS offers next-generation, web-based Student Information Systems for online learning that seamlessly integrates with all leading Learning Management Systems and training delivery tools. Genius SIS provides robust solutions focused on registration, e-commerce, tracking, and reporting of all training being delivered.  To learn more about Genius SIS please visit