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TTRO and eThink Education Partner to Provide Engaging Digital Learning Solutions to Moodle™ & Totara Users

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eThink Education, a global LMS solutions provider, is excited to announce a partnership with The Training Room Online (TTRO), an EdTech company that provides human-centered solutions that focus on lifelong learning, human capability development strategies, customized digital learning solutions, and immersive learning experiences to transform citizens, communities, companies, and countries.

TTRO’s learning approach and consulting solutions aim to help clients with digital transformation, human capability and capacity development, and talent upskilling to help meet today’s challenges and prepare them for the future. Their key content strategy is using storytelling by way of video-based, scenario-based, and game-based learning, microlearning, and experiential learning through virtual reality and augmented reality. With expertise in cutting-edge authoring tools and advanced graphics and animation software, TTRO develops world-class digital learning solutions that are in-tune with modern learner needs to make a meaningful impact.

eThink Education provides a fully-managed eLearning platform solution for open-source Moodle™ and Totara, covering all LMS needs including implementation, cloud hosting, integration, consultation, and management services. With a service-oriented model that has produced a 99% client-retention rate over 11 years of business, eThink takes a consultative approach to LMS administration by advising clients on how to best meet their unique eLearning goals. This includes recommending complimentary digital learning services like the ones offered by TTRO.

The dynamic TTRO team has vast experience in developing end-to-end learning strategies and solutions in areas related to product, process, system, sales, compliance, safety, induction, leadership, and soft skills. They offer digital learning solutions and consulting in diverse industry segments such as Retail, Mining, Education, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Banking & Finance, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods & Services, Telecommunications, and Government and Public services. TTRO believes in driving impact through a partnership of collaboration and co-creation with their clients.

“TTRO is thrilled to build a global partnership with eThink Education and we look forward to adding value to eThink’s Moodle™ & Totara users through our world-class eLearning development capabilities and quality content solutions. Having eThink as a trusted LMS partner will, likewise, create value for our extensive client base and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration to deliver accessible, innovative, learning solutions that support human capability development around the world,” said Lynne Beachy Head, CEO of TTRO UK and Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Finding strategic partners who operate by the same values when it comes to customer experience is crucial to TTRO,” said Andrea Guasco, TTRO’s UK Business Development Executive. “We believe we have found that in eThink and really look forward to working with the eThink team and our combined customers to deliver impactful end-to-end solutions.”

“eThink is excited to partner with TTRO and offer their comprehensive suite of digital learning design solutions to our clients,” said eThink CEO and Co-Founder Brian Carlson. “TTRO’s innovative content solutions make learning more engaging, effective, and accessible, enabling organizations in any industry to transform the digital learning experience they provide to their users.”

About eThink Education

eThink Education provides a fully-managed eLearning solution including implementation, cloud hosting, integration, consultation, and management services for open source Moodle™ and Totara. Managed by experts, eThink’s total solution provides a dynamic and customizable platform to meet specific institutional and organizational needs. With clients in various industries including healthcare, education, government and corporate, eThink can help all types of organizations to maximize the effectiveness of their eLearning programs for improved business outcomes.

About TTRO

TTRO is an organization of passionate and talented individuals who design and develop innovative learning strategies and solutions to upskill and empower people for the now and for the future. TTRO believes in driving change through next-generation learning by combining immersive technologies and learning methodologies to deliver human-centered solutions that add value to your organization and your people. To learn more about TTRO, please visit