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 2019 Learning & Development Report!

70 per cent of employees say they haven’t mastered the skills they need for their jobs today. So how are businesses tackling their employee training and education?

The Learning & Development special report, published in The Times, covers how businesses and employees are approaching skills gaps in the workplace and why it is constantly changing with each generation that enters the workforce. It examines why micro-learning might not increase employee engagement, the demand for soft skills in employees, and giving learning and development an equal part within the corporate structure. Also featured inside is an article by eThink, Future-Proof Training with Open Source, that discusses why flexibility, customisation and future-proofing are top considerations for today's L&D professionals. Click "Read Report" to the right for the downloadable PDF guide.

Learn How You Can Future-Proof Your Programmes with Open Source

Explore the importance of future-proofing your training programmes, how you can achieve longevity with open source technology, and the top takeaways from The Times' 2019 Learning & Development Report in this educational webinar.