LMS for Training Companies

From compliance to continuing education, a next-generation eLearning platform gives associations and training companies the tools needed to educate, engage, and connect users.

When you're in the business of training other companies' employees, you need an eLearning platform you can count on. Using an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) like Moodle™ or Totara Learn, not only will you be able to provide better service to your clients, it also gives you the infrastructure you'll need to ensure your own employees are well-prepared to assist with the learning and development tasks of your clients.  

Does Your LMS Training Platform Cover All Your Needs?

No two training organisations are the same and different industries have different compliance or training requirements. That said, when providing  courses or resources, your training platform should...

Foster Engagement

The best training programs include more modernised approaches to learning. For associations or other membership-type companies, this includes providing opportunities for members to interact with each other, as well as providing resources that are easily accessible and provide value to your membership base. This can include encouraging engagement with materials that may have previously been offered in more passive formats or repurposing information that was shared in-person to a wider network.

Include Compliance Functionality

Ensure your training organisation’s digital program delivers a standardised curriculum that meets your industry’s compliance requirements and provides proof that employees understand and are adhering to regulations, policies, and practices. Not only are meeting these requirements important to the operation of the agency, but compliance tracking and training is crucial to preventing potential safety, privacy, or legal issues.

Provide Dynamic Reporting

Whatever training you provide, your LMS should track the completion of training courses and certifications and offer robust reporting so that you can make sure your training resources are effective and to identify areas where courses may be improved.

Support eCommerce

Does your LMS support eCommerce functionality so that you can effectively sell your courses? Automatically enroll learners in courses in your LMS after purchase. Scale your audience reach with an effective solution.

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Meet Your Association or Training Needs with Open Source

eThink’s secure, flexible and scalable open-source LMS solutions allow you to create a custom training program that meets your specific association or training company needs.

A flexible, open-source LMS solution that enables organisations to deliver individual learning plans. eThink is a certified Platinum Partner.


Harness the power of Moodle™ to provide employees with a flexible and accessible training system that can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

eThink's Fully-Managed LMS Solutions for Training Companies

Managing training programs and supporting effective eCommerce is no easy task. Not only do you have to manage custom eLearning content, thousands of plugins and keep up with industry trends, but you also have to keep clients satisfied. That’s where eThink’s world-class services with our leading LMS solutions come in - to make your life easier!

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Learn more about how you can promote, sell and deliver your courses and training events with an eCommerce and LMS pairing in this blog post.

What does an LMS for Associations, Training or Community-Based Companies look like?

The Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance, also known as SIAA, is a national alliance of independent insurance agencies dedicated to the creation, retention, growth, and continued success of the independent insurance agency distribution system.

Due to the lack of support and consultation provided by SIAA’s previous Moodle™ vendor, SIAA’s site remained stagnant and underutilised. Their Training & Learning Team knew that they needed to find a more comprehensive solution that could support their educational efforts.