LMS Training for
Moodle & TotarA Learn

eThink Academy Offers LMS Training and Professional Development for Moodle & Totara eLearning platforms.

As leaders and experts in LMS Solutions for open-source Moodle & Totara Learn, eThink Education offers on-demand LMS training courses and professional development sessions to any eLearning manager, L&D professional, or LMS administrator through eThink Academy!

eThink Academy allows you to purchase and utilise valuable Moodle and Totara training in order to maximise the functionality, design, and effectiveness of your LMS. Even if you have a different LMS provider, you can still take advantage of eThink’s world-class support and expertise of Moodle & Totara Learn through eThink Academy.

eThink Academy Course Offerings 

eLearning Courses

Looking to spice up your open-source Moodle or Totara instance for your organization, but not sure where to start? eThink Academy offers various workshops and short-form training courses that provide LMS expertise around eLearning best practices, pedagogy, product updates, functionality enhancements, and much more. With eThink Academy, you’ll receive access to supported LMS training resources that will enable eLearning managers and LMS administrators to better utilise and manage Moodle and Totara.

*Purchase individual seats or bulk course packages for your team. Click here for bulk pricing options.

Moodle & Totara Training Packages

Want some one-on-one time with a Moodle and Totara expert? eThink Academy allows you to purchase an entire day dedicated to helping you with your LMS. No contracts. No long-term commitment. Get the LMS help you need with personalised consultation from industry leaders who know a thing or two about open-source eLearning.

Educator Certification Program

eThink supports Moodle HQ's *NEW* Educator Certification Program.

The Moodle Educator Certification Program curriculum is designed for teachers, instructors, and trainers who want to: develop their digital competencies; learn how to advance their Moodle skills; collaborate with a community of innovative instructors; obtain the certification and recognition for their mastery of teaching and learning goals. The program applies and extends the foundational skills received via eThink's additional training offerings

eLearning Course Bulk Pricing

Looking to purchase multiple seats for your staff? We offer eLearning course packages for 10+ learners.

Schedule a Moodle or Totara Learn Training Session

eThink offers fully-managed service for the Moodle and Totara Learn learning platforms. Explore these leading open-source LMS solutions and determine your eThink Academy needs.

After partnering with eThink, the RCA was able to transform its Moodle site by incorporating the latest technology and integrations, effectively bringing its learning platform goals and vision for the student experience to life.

What clients are saying about

I learned about several new enhancements that will become active when we go live with eThink in May. This course has helped to prepare me for some of the new features that I will be able to offer to faculty in the coming months...Overall, this was a great experience, and I'm looking forward to the next course starting in just over a week."


Simpson College

We jumped from version 3.1 to 3.5. This course makes so much sense to me now that I have the chronological updates of Moodle since version 3.2. What a great idea to build this course. I am learning a lot from it."


LMS Administrator

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