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An open-source enterprise LMS for Corporate Learning to educate, manage, and connect your talent.

eThink is Totara’s Global Partner of the Year!

Since joining the Totara Partner network in late 2017, eThink has rapidly grown their Totara Learn client base to become a certified Platinum Partner in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, winning over clients such as Vistaprint, the City of San Antonio, Powell's Books, and more. We’re thrilled about this award as it demonstrates eThink’s ongoing commitment to creating best-of-breed, flexible open-source learning platforms.

What is Totara Learn?

Totara Learn is a flexible LMS solution that enables organisations to deliver learning effectively through individual learning plans which reflect your employees’ roles, training needs and objectives. Totara LMS provides a functionally rich learning platform which can be implemented quickly and at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions. Learn more.

the 4 Freedoms of Totara Learn

What is Totara Learn? The Comprehensive LMS Guide

Explore everything you need to know in What is Totara? The Comprehensive Moodle LMS Guide. Explore Totara Learn use cases, features and functionality, hosting options, and much more. 

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Used by over 11 million learners worldwide across more than 1,400 organizations, Totara Learn is uniquely suited for corporate eLearning initiatives including employee onboarding, continued training, regulatory certifications, and succession planning.


Mirror the organisational structure at your company and use hierarchies to assign learning plans and report on specific departments or segments in your organisation.

Competency Frameworks

Utilise competency-based learning and performance frameworks within your learning strategy. Competencies mapped to positions, organisations, and courses will automatically appear in learning plans assigned to those positions and organisations.

Personalised Learning Paths

Totara Learn allows you to create personalised learning paths for staff based on organisational roles and groups, providing tailored eLearning to keep employees engaged.

Powerful Reporting

Customisable dashboards and a robust and flexible Report Builder allows you to build custom reports on course progress, learner progress, and competency achievement across your organisation.

Performance Management

Appraisals, goals, learning plans, 360° feedback are available to monitor and assist employees in reaching developmental goals.

Compliance & Certification

With structured certification and re-certification paths, employees can be automatically notified when training is due. Compliance reporting also makes it easy to generate reports on the compliance status of every person in your organisation.

Why is eThink a Totara Partner?

We believe in the power of open-source LMS solutions and the freedoms they provide to our clients.

Learn more from eThink CEO Brian Carlson.

"You might be wondering… If Totara is based on Moodle, how come their names are so different? What is a Totara anyway? The Totara tree is native to New Zealand and has long been known for its diverse qualities and uses. The Totara tree possesses flexibility, strength, and durability – properties which the product itself emulates.

At eThink our goal is always to offer our prospects and clients world-class service for the best possible solutions available to meet their needs – best of breed, as we like to say. Totara maintains our commitment to our industry-leading service and the open source mission by bringing you an incredibly flexible, scalable, and future-proof solution. Totara has built upon the base of Moodle by adding in features that are of particular importance to corporate users, including the ability to assign personal and company training goals to staff and monitor staff development progress. Totara also has an HR module where users can manage job assignments, organisational trees, and build in mandatory certification and compliance training requirements.

Here at eThink we view the addition of Totara to our product base as another important step in ensuring we offer a best-of-breed solution to any customer that comes to us seeking services. Being a certified Totara partner will help us meet the needs of those in the non-profit, government, and corporate sectors – all markets in which LMS usage is growing exponentially! We are official Totara partners in the US, Canada, the Middle East, and Africa and we look forward to providing services in all of these regions."

Combining the Capabilities of Totara Learn with eThink’s Fully-Managed LMS Solutions

The Benefits of Totara by eThink

Fully-Managed Corporate LMS:

Not every organisation’s IT team has the extra bandwidth to support their digital training and compliance platform. But with eThink as your Platinum Totara Learn partner, we do all the heavy lifting! We offer support and services for every aspect of the LMS including implementation, design, hosting, management, and customisation.

A Customised eLearning Platform:

eThink takes a consultative approach to help you design a functional and effective digital learning platform based on your organisation’s specific goals. Our extensive library of eLearning partners helps us choose from a wide range of solutions from content creation to reporting and analytics.

Unlimited Expertise & LMS Support:

Whether you’re troubleshooting or need Totara Learn LMS expertise, our team, on average, is able to provide a thoughtful human response in just under an hour. We’re there to ensure a painless LMS and increased eLearning success!

Secure, Flexible Hosting:

eThink hosts all client sites on AWS, a flexible environment that guarantees security, uptime and scalability, and allows sites to be geographically hosted in accordance with an organisation’s requirements. 

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Totara Learn Partner Vistaprint

Learn how Vistaprint is using Totara by eThink to train a global network of CARE specialists.

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