Dive into Moodle & Totara functionality on one of our upcoming webinars

Oct 22 @ 2:00 pm Eastern

4 Emerging LMS Trends in Corporate eLearning

In the continuously evolving eLearning ecosystem, it can be daunting to navigate the rapid changes, new technologies, trends, and strategies positioned to help you reach your goals. Luckily for you, we’ve pinpointed the main trends to be aware of that will keep your training program moving in the right direction – on the path to sustained performance and employee success.

During this live webinar, we will explore the recent industry trends that are emerging as frontrunners for corporate eLearning strategy.

Join us on Monday, October 22nd, at 2:00pm Eastern to learn why you should consider:

  • Building a training program not only around the LMS but the eLearning ecosystem as a whole. We’ll break down the different technologies you will want to consider and how they can work together to enhance the learning experience.
  • Employing a best-of-breed content model. We’ll explore the technologies and strategies around content deployment including the emerging LXP trend. Open-source systems like Moodle and Totara allow educators to utilize the best content from any source to provide learners with the most engaging experience.
  • Implementing valuable analytics & reporting. Enable data-driven decision-making, identify top-performing individuals, proactively anticipate learner needs, and provide key stakeholders with real-time insight into training program success.
  • The importance of a service-heavy model. Identify your eLearning wants and needs in an ideal world… Now, how many boxes can your solution partner check off? You might be surprised what can be accomplished with the right partner.

Nov 7 @ 2:00 pm Eastern

How to Design and Evaluate Online Certificate Training Effectiveness with an LMS & LRS

Building a successful eLearning strategy is no small task. With the amount of time, energy, and money that goes into creating an effective online program, we are all seeking greater impact and ROI from our online learning efforts.

Organizations want to see that their certificate training has meaning in their work cultures as well as immediate business impact. That said, how do we design and evaluate online training effectiveness within our organizations?

Join us on Wednesday, November 7th, at 2:00pm Eastern to see how ImEpik, a market-driven and research-based online training company, has designed an effective eLearning model using a mix of technologies, including a Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Record Store (LRS), and attention to learning factors.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How ImEpik’s online learning model maximizes effectiveness by utilizing an integrated LMS and xAPI learning record store
  • How emotional, cognitive, engagement, motivation, context, assessment, and evaluation factors are addressed to impact online learning
  • How the design and evaluation process, including attention to learning factors, is just as important to consider as the technology you use.

Nov 8 @ 2:00 pm Eastern

Moodle by eThink for Higher Education

With a rapidly-growing community of over 100,000,000 users worldwide, Moodle is the world’s most widely used learning platform. With open-source Moodle, you receive robust functionality, top-notch support, and the flexibility you need to meet your educational goals.

Join us on Thursday, November 8, at 2:00pm Eastern to learn how Moodle’s community-driven platform, combined with eThink’s tailored customer support and powerful integrations, provide a refreshingly simple and flexible solution to meet specific institutional needs.

During the session, you will learn:

  • Why Moodle is the world’s most widely used LMS… The advantages of open-source technology and the Moodle ecosystem
  • About the features that colleges and universities are using to organize their online education and engage students
  • How you can utilize analytics, time-saving integrations (including real-time SIS integrations), and unlimited support to optimize processes within your institution.
  • How Moodle’s community-driven platform and integrations, combined with eThink’s tailored customer support and industry-leading service, provide the most robust and flexible solution in the market.

Nov 15 @ 3:00 pm Eastern

HR.com Webinar: Utilizing a Next-Gen Learning Ecosystem in the Workplace

With the multitude of different technologies, tools, and strategies that are available for structuring and enhancing your professional education programs, it’s becoming increasingly important to stay aware of the technologies and trends driving the evolution of workplace learning.

Furthermore, in today’s rapidly evolving learning ecosystem, it’s important to build your employee training programs with longevity in mind. To ensure your platform can take advantage of next-generation tools and strategies while also withstanding the test of time, you’ll need to consider the type of technology your platform uses.

Open-source learning platforms, like Moodle and Totara, make it incredibly easy to integrate innovative eLearning tools and strategies – including gamified content, badges, certificates, and best-of-breed content – for an enhanced learning experience and allow you to future-proof your investment for years to come.

During the session, you will learn:

  • About the latest eLearning trends, tools, and strategies to consider when building an engaging and future-proof training program
  • How open-source platforms can be optimized to inspire a culture of learning in the workplace that aligns with business objectives
  • How open-source Moodle and Totara offer the flexibility, scale, and functionality to provide a scalable and interoperable learning platform.