providing a total eLearning solution

eThink provides a fully-managed eLearning solution for open-source Moodle and Totara.


Why We Moodle ft. Calvin College & SOU

Learn how Southern Oregon University & Calvin College are using Moodle in their institutions.


Totara Learning

An LMS specifically tailored to meet corporate eLearning needs


Moodle by eThink in Higher Education

Cochise College moves forward with institutional goals after moving to a fully-managed Moodle site, including an OER initiative that is expected to save students an estimated $4.1 million over 3 years.


A highly customizable eLearning platform

eThink Education provides a fully-managed eLearning solution, covering all LMS needs from A-Z.

eThink’s Total Solution

  • A custom eLearning platform
  • Unlimited Modules
  • Unlimited Storage
  • SIS/ERP Integrations
  • Industry-leading customer service
  • Mobile compatibility for flexible learning

SIS/ERP Integration

Marry your enterprise systems to create a seamless workflow.

Unlimited Modules

eThink will install and configure all current modules at no additional cost. Why implement a modular system if you can’t use the modules?

Industry-Leading Customer Service

We have a track record providing a thoughtful, human response to all support tickets in 60 minutes or less.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting guarantees security, uptime, and scalability.

Unlimited Storage

Never worry about running out of space with uncapped storage.

Open-Source Technology

eThink utilizes open-source technology, meaning that clients have access to the open-source code and are thereby protected from vendor lock.

Open Source. Why it Matters…

Open-source technologies, like Moodle and Totara, are community driven products. Constant development is brought about by community feedback. As an official Moodle & Totara Partner, eThink has a direct line of communication to the company headquarters and is able to more directly shape the future development of both products.

Case Studies

Berea College

Berea College Transitions From Self-Hosted Moodle to Moodle by eThink to Improve Efficiencies and Cut LMS Costs…

Carbon Black

Carbon Black Uses Moodle by eThink to Improve Onboarding with Role-Based Learning Pathways…

Cochise College

Cochise College Moves Forward with Institutional Goals After Moving to Fully-Managed Moodle Site…

“eThink is without a doubt one of the best vendors we have under contract. eThink’s biggest value proposition is their commitment to excellence, borne of a genuine desire to delight its customers.”

Ken DavisDirector of Technology, University of Mt. Olive