Level Up! Your Corporate Training with Gamification

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Successful training stems from hands-on experience, tasks, and problem-solving. Did you know that gamified training falls under this category? Gamification, or applying a game-based concept to content to meet specific learning outcomes, is a powerful corporate eLearning tool that more and more organizations are adopting because who doesn’t love a good game!

Gamification in Corporate eLearning

Unlike traditional eLearning, gamification:

  • Evokes friendly competition in the workplace to maximize user engagement.
  • Utilizes scoreboards and rewards such as badges to provide learners with a higher sense of achievement.
  • Motivates action and repetition to lead to an increase in retention.

Gamification in eLearning can provide an effective, informal learning environment for employees to practice real-life situations and work through challenges. This interactive approach leads to better applications of knowledge acquired and enhanced employee skillsets.

The example below shows a game related to managing a crowded waiting room in a healthcare setting. Wouldn’t it better for your employees to learn those skills in a game than in a room full of frustrated patients?

Gamification module example

A variety of training types can benefit from gamification including onboarding, soft skills, compliance, and professional development. Furthermore, it is not necessary to completely rework your entire training program as traditional eLearning-based training can be enriched through partial gamification and concepts can be leveraged on individual learning paths.

Check out these modules below that you can use to easily incorporate gamification into your learning strategy.

Gamification Modules for Moodle™

Modules You Can Use Within Individual Courses:

  1. Quizventure – Quizventure is an activity module that loads quiz questions from the course it’s added to. The possible answers come down as space ships and the goal is to shoot down the correct one.

quizventure game module

  1. Blocks: Level Up! – This module makes learning more exciting by allowing learners to level up in their courses by awarding experience points to learners’ actions. Additionally, a block displays a learner’s current level and shows how many more points are left until a learner reaches the next level.

block module level up

3. Blocks: Stash – The stash block encourages interaction with the course content by adding an inventory of items to your course that your students can find and collect while exploring the activities.

block stash module

Module You Can Use Across an Entire Site:

Badge Ladder – Badge Ladder provides two types of leaderboard for awarded badges. The first leaderboard shows the available badges sorted by the number of users owning this badge. The second one shows all users sorted by the number of badges owned by them.

Badge ladder can also be enabled within a course separately. Also, you have the option to enable anonymous mode to hide the names of users, but – personally – we think the visibility encourages friendly competition in the workplace!

badge ladder module

Utilizing gamified content within your training platform encourages a culture of learning in the workplace and allows organizations to fulfill training initiatives by providing content that engages the modern employee. So go ahead, get gaming!

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By April 3, 2017