Moodle™ HQ & eThink Take On EDUCAUSE 2017

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To say the eThink experience at EDUCAUSE 2017 was a success would be an understatement!

Besides meeting many current clients and seeing the latest and greatest in educational technology, we also had the pleasure of having Martin Dougiamas, the founder and CEO of Moodle™, join us at the eThink booth and for a very special happy hour event at Moore College of Art and Design.

EDUCAUSE is a world-renowned event that focuses on the trends, challenges, and needs of higher education IT.  As an industry leader in Moodle™ hosting and support in the U.S. space, eThink had the honor of spreading the word about Moodle™ and what it can do for the online learning environment.

Also, Martin Dougiamas, the Chief Moodle™r himself, spoke to a crowd of eThink clients and other eLearning professionals at our Moodle™ HQ & eThink Happy Hour. Moodle™’s mission – empowering educators to improve our world – was a big theme with Martin discussing how Moodle™ is continuing to empower users and advance educational outcomes across the globe. Martin also spoke about the big changes coming for Moodle™ and how the Moodle™ community will come together to do more with online learning than ever before.

Keep reading for the details and highlights of EDUCAUSE 2017…

1. Moodle™ HQ joined eThink at EDUCAUSE 2017

It was a privilege to have Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle™, join eThink for EDUCAUSE and our evening event.  Current clients and prospects were able to meet Martin and to learn about the exciting developments going on at Moodle™ HQ. He left many attendees inspired to implement new efforts within their own Moodle™ instance and to consider how they can positively impact the global Moodle™ community as well.  One of our attendees, Jodi, tweeted out “Support, Nurture, Improve not Disrupt, Replace, Control educators” after Martin’s speech.  We couldn’t agree more!

martin educause ethink happy hour 2017     martin dougiamas ethink happy hour educause

2. We got to mingle with our clients!

One of the best parts of EDUCAUSE was meeting some of our eThink clients!  We were able to meet many clients for the first time, and it was a great opportunity to put a face to a name on both sides! Also, eThink takes great pride in providing exceptional service and support and we were pleased to hear just how happy our clients are. A big thank you to all of you who stopped by the booth to say hello!

Moodle™ martin educause 2017      ethink educause 2017

3. Happy Hour with Moodle™ HQ, Clients, & Friends

We’d like to personally thank Moore College of Art and Design, a long-time eThink client, for graciously hosting such a fantastic event. Our team had a great time mingling, enjoying refreshments, and of course, talking Moodle™! It was exciting to bring together so many clients and Moodle™ users, and to see the impact that we are all having on the higher education learning community. Together we really can empower educators to improve our world!

Check out some more photos from EDUCAUSE 2017 and the Moodle™ HQ & eThink Happy Hour below!

Moodle™ ethink happy hour educause 2017

     eThink Happy Hour EDUCAUSEhappy hour EDUCAUSE 17     

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