eThink’s 2018 Year In Review

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ethink year in review

With 2018 drawing to a close, our team is reflecting on this past year and looking forward to what’s ahead. To our clients, we want to thank you for choosing eThink Education to support your eLearning initiatives and business goals. This year has been a big one for eThink, and that is due in a large part to you as the success of our clients is what continues to inspire us and drive us forward.

With that said, check out a few things we accomplished together in 2018…


eThink Support & Client Success

In the coming year, we look forward to continuing to support our clients’ eLearning objectives. To our clients, send us your 2019 wish lists and let’s get rocking on those New Year’s eLearning resolutions!

In 2018, our Moodle™ & Totara experts received almost 12,000 support tickets (!) and provided a thoughtful, human response in under an hour on average. Additionally, we maintained a better than 99.9% uptime rate. We continue to provide and improve on the high-touch, high-quality LMS support experience our clients know and love.

Just one example of a client success story can be illustrated in Vistaprint’s use of Totara Learn, which is fully-managed by eThink. Vistaprint has been able to relieve the workload burden of managing and maintaining their LMS. Instead, the Vistaprint team has more time to dedicate to improving workflows and overall learning experience for their employees. Working with eThink allows Vistaprint to support and educate their global network of CARE specialists, ultimately improving learning, business, and ROI outcomes.

Moodle™ Partner Growth

eThink continues to expand our Moodle™ client base and work closely with Moodle™ HQ to extend the product and support Moodle™ adoption and the open-source community.

With Moodle™ ending their Blackboard partnership earlier this year, eThink is now positioned as the largest Moodle™ Partner in North AmericaOn the heels of this momentum, eThink looks forward to continuing to support the world’s most widely used learning platform. Our team is dedicated to driving the Moodle™ product forward by educating the market on the advantages of the open-source product and supporting the Moodle™ product and community in every way that we can.

Totara Partner Growth

In less than a year after becoming a Totara Partner, eThink reached Platinum Totara Partner status in July of 2018 – a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch Totara support for our clients and supporting the Totara Community.

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Spreading the Word about Open-Source, Moodle™ & Totara

The LMS continues to evolve and occupy a pivotal position within the eLearning ecosystem. We recognize the importance of using an open learning platform as the best way to future-proof learning programs. The eThink team continues to evangelize open-source solutions due to the unlimited flexibility, integration possibilities, and collaborative community that open technology affords our clients.

To support this message, eThink Education hosted 42 webinars over the past 12 months that were joined by over 8,000 learning professionals looking to learn more about the state of the LMS, the importance of open-source, evolving Learning trends, and more.

Furthermore, eThink attended 15 conferences across the US, Canada & UK where we were able to get on stage to showcase how Moodle™ & Totara, the leading open Learning Management Systems, are able to provide a simple yet robust eLearning solution for institutions and organizations across the Government, Healthcare, Nonprofit, Association, and Corporate industries.

During 14 presentations at conferences this year, our team spoke about “the open-source revolution” that we’re seeing in the market as a response to a higher demand for the flexibility and customization that is needed when it comes to creating a best-of-breed eLearning strategy. We highlighted how both Moodle™ & Totara are answering this need, explored the specific functionality of both LMSs, and showed how our clients are using these platforms to meet onboarding, compliance, continuing education, extended enterprise training, and other learning needs.

Our Support Team was also incredibly busy, having hosted 500+ individual demonstrations and technical overviews of both solutions for prospects and prospective partners across the globe.

Expanding Partner Network

As our client base grows, we need to meet their evolving needs and provide a comprehensive eLearning solution. Our large network of partners provides complementary solutions that can extend and enhance the LMS experience.

This year, we are proud to have expanded our partner network considerably by partnering with like-minded EdTech companies including HT2 Labs, TorranceLearning, Genius SIS, TutorMe, Yet Analytics, and so many others. Through these partnerships, our clients have easier access to innovative solutions for content, analytics, xAPI and integrations, assessments, proctoring, eCommerce – the list goes on! A big thank you to our valued partner network.

Other Big Changes for the eThink Team

eThink has seen incredible growth over the past few years and this year stepped it up a notch. In 2018, we continued to expand our eThink family with a number of new hires across our departments, with the majority supporting our Client Support Team.

We also moved a few blocks over to a new office in Baltimore located in City Garage. City Garage is a makerspace, entrepreneurial hotspot, and innovation hub “where great ideas happen.” The eThink team is excited to be a part of this collaborative and forward-thinking community, allowing us to share our ideas with the biggest thinkers in town.

All in all, after another great year, eThink looks forward to continuing to grow our company and our solution offerings to provide overwhelming value to our clients and extended network. Here’s to an even better year ahead!

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