Make the Most of New Moodle™ Features with eThink Academy

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What is the Make the Most of New Features course?

Make the Most of New Features is an eThink Academy course that is offered around new Moodle™ upgrades in order to help Moodle™ users understand how to maximize the enhancements found in version upgrades. In our latest iteration, this blended course walks participants through the newest Moodle™ features introduced between 3.5 and 3.9. In the end, participants will have an understanding of the new features found in these versions and how they can be integrated into their Moodle™ courses.

This course is made up of four modules and is paired with two webinars where participants will have the opportunity to discuss highlights of what they have learned in the modules as well as discuss ways they plan on leveraging the new features within their own courses.

Why Take this Course?

Aside from working with eThink’s team of Moodle™ experts who have experimented with the new features of Moodle™, this course will allow you to collaborate with and learn from other Moodle™ educators, instructional designers, and Moodle™ administrators. The two webinars will include open Q&A sessions and discussions where you can ask questions of the eThink experts as well as your peers taking the course. A huge benefit of the webinars is the time to chat with other cohort participants about how they are implementing or plan to implement the new features into their teaching and learning.

The modules within the course reflect the different types of updates that are released with each new version of Moodle™. Within this course, we will cover:

  • Activity level enhancements: Updates to Moodle™ Activities and Resources such as Forums and Quizzes.
  • Course level changes: Additions and updates to course features including new ways to filter course participants and an updated activity picker.
  • System updates: Improvements to the overall Moodle™ functionality such as the Dashboard, user tours, and messaging.
  • Moodle™ mobile updates: Changes to Moodle™ mobile including the new pricing tier.

What is eThink Academy?

As leaders and experts in LMS Solutions for open-source Moodle™, eThink offers on-demand training courses and professional development sessions such as the Make the Most of New Features and Build a Better Moodle™ Course through eThink Academy. These courses are designed to improve and add to the skill set of any eLearning manager, L&D professional, or LMS administrator and help them maximize the functionality, design, and effectiveness of their LMS.

eThink regularly rolls out various eThink Academy workshops and training courses that explore eLearning best practices, pedagogy, product updates, functionality enhancements, and much more. Enroll in one of our scheduled eLearning courses, purchase a custom training package, or develop your Moodle™ skills through the Moodle™ Educator Certification Program all through eThink Academy. These courses are open to both eThink clients and the general public. Click below to learn more about our upcoming eThink Academy courses and programs or contact us for more information.

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