SHRM18 Recap: HR Tech Solutions for the Employee Lifecycle

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Last week, eThink joined over 22,000 attendees in the Windy City for the 70th Annual SHRM Conference and Exposition. With over 700 vendors exhibiting, the SHRM Annual Conference is the largest HR solutions exposition in the world that is focused on highlighting the latest and greatest HR technology solutions.

Whether attendees were in the market for a new learning platform, ATS, rewards program, wellness strategies or beyond, SHRM18 allowed attendees to connect with other HR professionals, learn from industry experts, and check out today’s top technologies and HR solutions available in the expo hall.

Show attendees were interested in focus areas such as Business & HR Strategy, Professional Development, Talent Management, HR Compliance, Total Rewards, and Global HR. With over 200 concurrent sessions organized into these six tracks, attendees were able to gain a wealth of knowledge in the areas of interest to them.

There were A LOT of great conversations, solutions, and more to be had at the show. Here is a quick summary to share our team’s takeaways from the event.

Employee Lifecycle

During the conference, we spoke with many HR professionals in dire need of training solutions to help them mobilize workplace learning. However, an overarching theme of the conference was a focus on addressing the ‘full picture’ of the employee lifecycle. Many of the conference speakers as well as vendors aimed to highlight how today’s HR technologies can support the complete employee lifecycle from pre-hire to fire.

Every technology company in the expo hall aimed to bring efficiency to the Human Resources role by automating business operations. Human Capital Management (HCM) software assists HR professionals in the areas of recruiting, centralized data collection, administration of benefits, compliance, and expense reporting.  

HCM software paired with a learning platform such as Moodle™ or Totara Learn creates a robust ecosystem that covers almost every HR function. The learning platform allows for efficient onboarding and knowledge transfer which enables the new employee to be well educated on both their new role as well as the rules and regulations of the job. Furthermore, the learning platform can also be used for continued professional development, issuing of certifications/badges, and training of third-party organizations such as clients or stakeholders.

Deciding on the content your organization would like to utilize inside of your learning platform is another important consideration. Some learning platforms do not allow for external content to be brought into the proprietary solution. The team here at eThink strongly recommends against that model and promotes the idea of allowing for best-of-breed content deployment. Options include off-the-shelf content which is typically reserved for compliance courses, bespoke content that can be created to meet unique needs, content templates allowing for easy content creation, and tools that allow for inhouse content development.

The SHRM expo hall also highlighted the need for what may be the final piece of the employee lifecycle, graceful offboarding. Whether an organization is conducting a mass layoff or completely closing its doors, a goal of many companies is to help employees land on their feet with a new role that will utilize their talents while at the same time ensuring compliance with company regulations. There were sessions on this topic as well as technologies in the expo hall to help make the offboarding process a smooth transition.

Our biggest takeaway from SHRM18

Continuous learning throughout the employee lifecycle is becoming more of hot topic this year. At SHRM, we saw HR professionals not only interested in how to use learning platforms like Moodle™ and Totara to help with onboarding new hires but who were looking for solutions to aid with the continuous learning throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Luckily, there are a plethora of tools available in the eLearning ecosystem to help HR professionals manage the employee lifecycle – including HCM, learning platforms and content. Making sure these solutions integrate tightly and speak to one another where they can enable reporting on learner progress as well as informed decision making.

By selecting HR tech solutions that can work together, you streamline workplace processes to create the most efficient solutions for your team and the best experience for your employees. Choosing flexible solutions that are complementary to one another and can integrate well together enables you to not only employ a best-of-breed learning strategy, but it provides ultimate freedom to customize your eLearning ecosystem to best meet any of your HR needs.

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