What is Learning Management System (LMS)?

The term Learning Management System (LMS) refers to the delivery platform used for the administration of online learning, including the creation of content for educational purposes and training materials within an organization. Often called an eLearning system or learning platform, the LMS is the application used to create and/or deliver individual learning modules, whether they include skill mastery content for professional development programs, mandatory training sessions for regulatory compliance for your workplace, or even fully developed classroom environments for schools and universities.

Learning management systems support the practice of eLearning or digital learning. Their administrative and content creation tools are typically fairly sophisticated, allowing users to incorporate media, microlearning, gamified content, and other interactive elements into the learning strategy; offer more options for automated processes like analytics and insights; and provide a more complete progress tracking and record keeping system than other less robust eLearning platforms enjoy. For professionals involved with learning and development, this distinction is quite important, even if it is often invisible to learners.

Moodle, Moodle Workplace, and Totara Learn are three popular learning management systems used by organizations of all sizes and industries around the globe. 

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