Moodle & Totara for Business LMS

Better train, connect, and develop employees

Providing a streamlined onboarding process and effective continuing education is integral to a good business strategy. Well-trained employees move your business forward toward meeting company goals and objectives. In today’s fast-paced environment, eLearning ensures employees are prepared by facilitating collaboration and providing employees with anywhere, anytime access to the educational resources they need.

eThink provides a centralized, secure, and scalable platform to meet eLearning needs, including:

  • Onboarding
  • Compliance
  • HR Training
  • Gamification
  • Employee Collaboration
  • Badgification and Certification
  • Customer Training and eCommerce

eThink for Professional Education

Streamline Education

Moodle and Totara are user-friendly solutions that will bring all of your training content and learning technologies together in a central online hub.  Employees, members, volunteers, and re-sellers will have easy access to all their learning needs.

Empower Employees with Flexible Learning

Your LMS can be accessed on any mobile device for easy access to training and educational resources. Your business has no borders; why should your employee training program?

Measureable Learning

Analytics and custom reports allow you to quickly measure learner engagement, progress, and more. Share this data with key decision-makers to enable more informed decision-making, identify top-performing individuals for promotion, or simply to see the immediate impact of your training efforts.

Prepare Future Leaders

Retain and refine top talent by providing employees with the resources they need to advance within your organization. The LMS can be used to create a catalog of courses for professional development, enabling employees to choose courses that suit their interests and allowing you to see where their skills and passions are best suited within your organization.

Learning Paths

In recent years, professional education has shifted away from the one-size-fits-all approach toward providing employees with more personalized learning. An LMS allows organizations to provide individualized learning paths, ensuring that employees receive the specific training they need to excel in their particular roles.

Moodle and Totara integrate with… well, almost everything!

The “M” in Moodle stands for Modular. Our Moodle experts will marry your systems into one seamless environment. Over a thousand direct integrations are available including Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Google Apps, WebEx, Sugar, Adobe, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, gmail, BigBlueButton, Office 365, and on, and on…

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For those of you who are self-hosting…

If you weren’t managing your company’s LMS, what else could you do with your time? Let eThink be an extension of your IT team. eThink Cloud hosting solution is secure, scalable and reliable. Our Moodle and Totara experts will optimize your eLearning experience.

  • Receive market-leading customer support by eLearning experts

  • Customize a mobile theme

  • Brand your LMS

  • Integrate your other systems

  • Upgrade on your schedule

  • Implement unlimited modules

"Before moving to eThink, our educational resources were collecting digital dust online with no way to easily share resources or track if they were being used. eThink has given our resources an organized home and provided us with valuable analytics for measurable learning. With Moodle by eThink, we've also been able to create a role-based onboarding process for new hires."

John HackmeyerDirector of Worldwide Sales Enablement

"eThink reviewed our legacy system, gave us an honest assessment, and made sure Moodle met our needs. Their team never sugarcoated the truth and were clear on the obstacles we would face when transitioning from our problematic system. While other vendors were reluctant to tackle our tricky migration, eThink worked diligently to ensure the smoothest possible transition. eThink delivered on every commitment and is instrumental in providing our 2000-plus learners with a great online education experience."

Jeff ChidesterDirector of Training & Learning at SIAA