Government LMS

eThink understands the differences public sector learning and enterprise training, and can help build an eLearning solution tailored to your government agency.

As a government entity, your training solution requires specific certifications, compliance programs, and unique security measures in order to safely and successfully support federal employees as well as the public.

eLearning solutions like the open-source Moodle™ and Totara learning platforms provide employees and external users with anywhere, anytime access to the educational resources they need and ensures a secure and flexible government training program.

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Does Your Online Government Training Platform Cover All Your Needs?


Ensure your government training program delivers a standardized curriculum that includes compliance to regulations, policies, and practices. Not only are meeting these requirements important to the operation of the agency, but compliance tracking and training is crucial to preventing potential safety, privacy, or legal issues.  

Dynamic Reporting

Whether you’re a local or state entity, you likely need to support a diverse team with unique responsibilities. Your government LMS should track the completion of courses and certifications based on role and offer robust reporting and integration options so leadership can document that employees are meeting expectations.


Protect sensitive information from leaking as you bring in new team members or incorporate new policies. Any LMS for government entities, no matter how large or small, needs secure hosting in order to protect private information and ensure the confidentiality of all government data, files, records, and details.

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eThink’s LMS Solutions for Government and Federal Employee Training

Managing a digital training program is no easy task, especially when you need to address specific regulations, security measures, and custom requirements based on your local or state government needs. Not to mention, thousands of plugins and complimentary LMS tools and solutions often make it difficult to determine which solutions available in the market will be most effective for reaching your eLearning goals. That’s where eThink’s world-class services with our leading solutions make eLearning for government entities easy!

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Secure, Flexible, Scalable Open-Source Learning Management Systems

Create a custom LMS for that meets your specific government training needs using open-source eLearning technology.

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A flexible, open-source LMS solution that enables organizations to deliver individual learning plans. eThink is a certified Platinum Partner and was titled Partner of the Year in 2018.


Harness the power of Moodle™ to provide employees with a training system that is flexible and accessible, plus can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Unlimited, High-Touch, High-Quality LMS Support

Think of eThink as an extension of your IT or L&D team. With an award-winning LMS provider as your eLearning partner, we do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the back-end  maintenance of your training platform! We support virtually every aspect of the LMS including implementation, design, hosting, management, and customization. 

eThink guarantees a secure and streamlined training program no matter what your needs may be. To display our efforts to deliver the most sustainable training solution for your organization, eThink’s hosting solutions have achieved...

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

eThink achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Education Competency status, demonstrating an extensive assessment of the security, performance, and reliability of our solutions. Host on AWS within your country.

GDPR Compliant

eThink’s environments are GDPR compliant. The European Union General Data Protection (GDPR) is a set of privacy and data protection laws that are in place to ensure best practices throughout all aspects of your platform from how users get into your site in the first place, what you do with the data you collect, how your site is secured, and how you disclose these measures and data to users.

Security & Privacy Compliance

eThink hosts our clients in a GDPR, CCPA, and FedRAMP compliant environment, with demonstrable success in obtaining ATO’s and security clearances for federal government clients.

UK G-Cloud

eThink is an official vendor listed in the UK Government’s G-Cloud Digital Marketplace, which makes it easy for public sector organisations, including central government, local councils, NHS Trusts and other public sector bodies, to obtain LMS and other eLearning or technology services through the G-Cloud procurement framework.

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Government-Specific Certifications and Trainings We Support

  • Government Service Agency (GSA)
  • Public Sector Learning
  • Public Works Training
  • Administrative Training
  • Government Program Training
  • State Government Training
  • Local Government Training
  • Federally Mandated Training
  • Homeland Security Training
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Ethics Training
  • Diversity Training

Explore Our Government LMS Case Studies

See how eThink is helping government organizations deliver flexible federal employee training.

city of san antonio totara learn case study

The City of San Antonio Provides Training and Engagement Through Totara to Help Employees Reach Career Potential.

njdoe Moodle™ case study

New Jersey Department of Education Uses Moodle™ to Support Educators Across the State.