K-12 eLearning Made Easy

eThink offers a comprehensive eLearning solution, simplified and customized to meet specific K-12 needs.

The LMS provides a central hub to connect eLearning tools and simplify the teaching and learning process.

Blended and Flipped Learning

Taking education into the 21st century requires an easy to use system that simplifies both teaching and learning.  With a simple and mobile friendly platform, eThink takes the confusion out of eLearning.

Increase College & Professional Readiness

Moodle is the most widely used learning platform in the world.  By introducing your students to Moodle you will be preparing them to use a tool that they will likely use in both educational and professional settings for the rest of their lives.

Creating an Online Hub

Moodle integrates with Google’s G Suite for Education, Microsoft, writing tools, virtual classrooms, Student Information Systems, and many other online learning tools.  Creating a centralized eLearning hub eliminates the need for remembering multiple passwords and makes life easy for students, teachers, and parents!

Superior Analytics for Administration

Each Moodle by eThink K-12 client has the ability to create and run custom reports designed specifically for their institution allowing them to easily and quickly identify students that are engaged and those that may be at risk.

eThink’s Moodle Cloud for K-12 Includes:

  • Ecosystem of K-12 Moodle Sites
  • K-12 Focused Moodle Cloud Hosting
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Parent Access
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Administrator and Teacher Training

Premium K-12 LMS Services Include:

  • Market Leading Customer Service
  • Onsite or Remote Professional Development
  • Data Migration
  • Premium Implementation Services including Single Sign On
  • Premium PowerSchool Integrations

Moodle and eThink have helped my students excel in math. They are able to access the website from home, watch videos, complete assignments, and pretty much work at their own pace. Parents love the fact that they can watch the videos and know exactly what the students are learning. Moodle and eThink have made learning fun.

Teresa ScottPrincipal, Saint Ignatius Loyola Academy