K-12 Learning Management System 

eThink offers a comprehensive eLearning solution for K-12, simplified and customized to meet specific primary and secondary education needs.

As the world’s most widely used LMS, Moodle™ offers a highly flexible and interoperable solution for providing sustainable and effective education to K-12 institutions.

The popularity of Moodle™ as a K-12 learning management system largely comes down to the platform’s flexibility and interoperability due to its open-source structure. Open-source technology allows educators to create a completely customizable platform that can address the needs of learners at any level in primary and secondary schools. Entire districts can be run on a single LMS platform, with compartmentalized features to meet the needs of teachers and learners across different schools and grade levels. With Moodle™, you have the flexibility to configure your platform to get exactly the features you need to meet your educational goals.

Why Should You Use an LMS to Support K-12 Learning? 

Educate your learners during their most formative years and prepare them for college using an LMS to supplement classroom learning with engaging and dynamic online learning. Using an LMS for both synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom presents the opportunity to meet students more conveniently and effectively where they’re more likely to learn, whether that is online or in the classroom. In the blog below, we outline five key benefits of using Moodle™ LMS for primary and secondary education.

Incorporate Blended Learning in the Classroom

Take your school into the 21st century with an easy-to-use learning platform that simplifies both teaching and learning. Incorporate digital tools or content to supplement classroom learning with different modes of learning including video, gamficiation, or mobile learning. Add extra administrative tools, messaging capabilities, video conferencing, media, and more.

 Automate Processes

Streamline learning administration by tracking grades and other learning data directly within the LMS. Your LMS can integrate with your most important systems, such as   your school’s student information systems and other online learning tools. With a Single Sign On, a centralized eLearning hub eliminates the need for remembering multiple passwords and makes life easy for students, teachers, and parents!

Track Learner Progress with Analytics and Reporting

Maximize learning initiatives and increase learner success by leveraging robust reporting within your LMS. Track course completion and how your students are interacting with the materials in your courses to evaluate where individual learners may need additional support or identify areas where lessons may be improved.

Increase College & Professional Readiness

Learning management systems are used extensively in both higher education and workplaces to provide consistent, high-quality instruction. Using an LMS in primary education prepares students for lifelong learning.

Parental Access Functionality

Add users and set permissions with just a few clicks, so parents or guardians can be given a chance to see progress as it happens. The result? Faster intervention for students who need it, whenever they might need it.

Increase Opportunities for Feedback & Communication

An LMS encourages more opportunities for feedback and communication between teachers and students as well as peers. An online platform can help staff provide timely and more personalized feedback on student assignments.

What is Moodle™ Learning Management System? Download the Comprehensive Guide.

Explore everything you need to know about the world’s most widely used learning platform in this comprehensive Moodle™ LMS guide. Explore Moodle™ use cases, Moodle™ features and functionality, Moodle™ hosting options, and much more.

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Moodle™ By eThink K-12 LMS

eThink provides K-12 institutions with a fully-managed Moodle™ experience to make meeting eLearning goals easy. Our team of experts take care of every aspect of your Moodle™ instance so you can focus on providing engaging and effective digital education to your learners.

High-touch Customer Support

eThink responds with a thoughtful, human approach to each support ticket within 60 minutes. Whether it's setting up courses or creating a report, responsive support means being able to resolve issues without sidelining the learning experience.


Moodle™’s open-source code is freely available with no license fee. Instead, that budget can be allocated to service and support for your LMS. When you are only paying for service instead of features you don't need, you ensure the highest level of support possible.

Security & Hosting

eThink is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technology Partner with an Education Competency. eThink clients are hosted on the world’s most robust hosting platform, AWS, to guarantee security, uptime, and scalability.

Unlimited Plugins & Storage

Never worry about running out of space. With eThink’s unlimited storage, this particular pain point is no longer a concern, providing uncapped storage in which to store your eLearning resources, freeing up faculty and administrator time. 

Time-Saving Integrations

One of the most important LMS features is its ability to integrate with your existing systems, tools, and resources. Moodle™ integrates with Google’s G Suite for Education, Microsoft, writing tools, virtual classrooms, Student Information Systems, and many other online learning tools. Record collection and grade reporting becomes fast, simple, and accurate when you have an LMS that integrates directly to your  primary record-keeping system.  

Tailored Learning Experiences

Having unlimited plugins allows for flexibility to create dynamic learning experiences that incorporate various learning methods and activities. As experts in all things eLearning, eThink can help build a custom solution tailored to meet the needs of your learners with industry-leading tools and solutions in order to make it easy for teachers to embrace today's most innovative teaching techniques in any setting.

World-Class Support and Industry-Leading Solutions 

More than an LMS provider, eThink serves as a partner in your eLearning initiatives. With a team of the best and brightest and strong partnerships with our clients and technology partners, eThink brings a wealth of talents, skills, and knowledge to the table as well as a network of trusted partners to effectively solve the challenges our clients face. 

Learn how you can benefit from incorporating an LMS into your learning strategy in the K-12 classroom. The main advantages are the increase of communication and engagement that blended learning offers – not just with students in the classroom, but with parents, teachers, and administrators.

Explore our Education Case Studies

See how eThink has helped simplify the LMS process for faculty, students and administrators.

The NJDOE found that compared to in-person trainings, an eLearning platform like Moodle™ made training educators across the state more efficient, expanded their reach and connected a geographically-dispersed audience.

What Our Clients Say

Teresa Scott

Principal, Saint Ignatius Loyola Academy

Moodle™ and eThink have helped my students excel in math. They are able to access the website from home, watch videos, complete assignments, and pretty much work at their own pace. Parents love the fact that they can watch the videos and know exactly what the students are learning. Moodle™ and eThink have made learning fun.